The importance of knowing your “Why”- by Life Coach ‘Himanshu Gaur’! 

The importance of knowing your “Why”- by Life Coach ‘Himanshu Gaur’! 
Himanshu Gaur, Renowned life coach and motivational speaker

“Motivation is overrated as it is not enough to keep you going when things get hard, when you feel like giving up or when you lose momentum. Anybody can start, but not everyone will finish,” says Himanshu Gaur, a renowned life coach and motivational speaker!

He talks passionately about the importance of knowing your WHY before you start with your HOW. 

What can we do to overcome hurdles and enjoy success? 

“Be aware of your 2Cs in life: Concern & Capability! If a capable person is not concerned, then the capabilities can go in vain’ says Himanshu Gaurbut if the same person is concerned but not capable, it is always possible to work upon the Capabilities. Success is arrived at when a capable person is also concerned!”

How different is WHY from WILL?

“Do you know that it is always about will and very rarely about skill? Himanshu Gaur believes that if you are willing to do it, you can learn any skill regardless of your current situation. Despite possessing all the skills, if you lack the willingness to accomplish the goal, then success will never be yours!”

Further, Himanshu Gaur elaborated

“Long ago, when the Father of our Nation was still Young and energetic, he was thrown out of a train in South Africa, as it was meant only for the whites. That one incident was the root cause of all the revolution and freed India from a 200-year old British rule! Because Young Gandhi had a more powerful, ‘WHY’ I should Pull them out of my land than the ‘HOW’ part.”

Himanshu Gaur talks about how he understood early in life the importance of ‘Why’

“Life will let us come up with 2Ps that can push us further towards our goals! Problems & Purpose! If we have a clear purpose in life, then problems can never stop us from succeeding.”

“Movies taught me this, a hero fighting hard with the villains will always have a powerful emotional ‘WHY’ in his mind, which helps him wake up stronger with every fall. The ‘WHY’ encouraged him to hustle harder and not give up when challenges hit!”

“Thanks to Bollywood, I understood early in life that everything is not only about ‘HOW’ but more about ‘WHY’! As a kid, most of us had learnt to ask three questions before starting anything new in life, What are we about to do? How must it be done? And finally, Why are we doing it?”

“But as we grow up, We forget to ask ourselves WHY and begin directly from HOW. People who focus big time on Why they do what they do will arrive at success sooner than the lot! A stronger connection to your goal and a valid reason to achieve it is all you need.”

A soldier fighting a big war has only one reason to survive, he wants to go back alive and see his family!


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