Rx Health and Divakar hospital jointly introducing health network ARTIST program the latest technology to support pregnant women for the first time India


Bangalore: Caring for Pregnant Patients during COVID: How Divakar Clinic and Rx.Health AAJ have set up a care model for rest of India.

Dr. Hema Divakar leads Divakar clinic in Bangalore and reached out to 3000 patients in a single day with Rx. Health automated digital care program to help stay away from COVID, and get access to right care at the right time virtually.  Now plans to spread it nationally to 1 million patients through ARTIST program.

Dr Hema Divakar has been at the cutting edge of implementing the latest technology to support patient care for Divakar Clinic and Hospital in Bengaluru. Few years ago, she started telemedicine and offered it to her patients who could not travel to her clinic. She has also started an ARTIST program that has trained over a million healthcare workers on safe and best practices for women healthy and pregnancy care.

By partnering with Rx.health team (founded by Dr. Ashish Atreja, renowned leader in evidence-based digital medicine) and leading the women’s health network within Health AAJ, Dr. Divakar has outreached to over 3000 of her patients within the same day and now plans to extend this model of digital monitoring for all pregnancy and high-risk patients across India.

“Women’s healthcare is one of the most neglected issues in the country. India has a long way to go in improving the healthcare services for women and COVID presents an additional challenge. By providing continuous digital care and monitoring, we can now scale our evidence based practices to support OB-GYN nationwide.”- says Dr Hema Divakar.

“Our common goal is to empower physicians and hospitals in India by providing them with the best digital health and telemedicine platform with evidence-based care plans so they can provide highest quality care to each and every of their patients. Dr Hema Divakar is a visionary and it’s our privilege to partner with her as part of Health AAJ highest quality trusted digital care network” – says Dr.Kurra, one of the first digital practitioners in India and Director of Rx.Health AAJ network in India.

At any time, there are around 20 million females in India which are pregnant. According to WHO and ICMR, pregnant women may be at increased risk of contracting and suffering from COVID. Prescribing a digital program that digitally monitors females throughout their pregnancy journey, informs  them how to be safe from COVID and provides each way to connect to physicians through text to chat and video visit, Health AAJ has created a unique digital program that can be prescribed to bulk of patients all over India, in partnership with ARTIST


About Dr Hema Divakar and ARTIST

An accomplished specialist in the field of Ob Gyn care, Dr. Hema Divakar, Medical Director at the Divakars Specialty Hospital in Bangalore has developed her organization as a center of excellence for women’s healthcare and also a center for Skill Enhancement. She is also the CEO and Chairman of ARTIST – Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer – with research and capacity building activities through onsite and digital platforms.She is a speaker, an activist, technical advisor to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Vice Chair of the NCD committee at FIGO- international obgyns, National Coordinator for FIGO FOGSI WDF on Diabetes in Pregnancy, National Coordinator for FOGSI MANYATA Quality initiatives, and an adviser at India Institute of Public Health and IIM Bangalore. In the year 2013, she was the PRESIDENT of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India), with 32,000 specialists on roll as the members.


About Rx.Health AAJ

 Founded by Dr. Ashish Atreja, a graduate of AIIMS and considered by many as the father of evidence-based digital medicine (EBDM), Rx.Health is  a spinout from the Mount Sinai Health System, New York. Rx.Health provides the first EHR-connected digital health prescription platform and formulary that enables care teams toprescribeevidence-based mobile health applications, telemedicine, multimedia education, wearables, and therapeutics to patients at the point of care.Information on Rx.Health is available at http://Rx.health.

Rx.Health AAJis one of a kind physician-led and owned fully virtual care ecosystem to bring the best digital health programs from across the world and deliver through our partnership with top notch physicians , AIIMS alumni and leading health systems in India. The goal is to bring the most trusted care network in India as well as a world class referral network for second opinion, which can provide care to longitudinal always-connected care in addition to episodic face to face or video visits. More information is available at http://healthaaj.com



Dr.Sravya Kurra, Director of Digital Care at Rx.Health AAJ network, [email protected]


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