Mother-In-Law & daughter-In-Law duo – creating a “Diversion” in the food world!!


Gurugram : We see several partnerships, but seldom do we see a business partnership like this – A mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law starting a business venture, they like to call it as more of a dream venture and request us not to associate the word Business with it.

Manju Khanna (mother-in-law) and Ridhi Sharma (daughter-in-law) are now renowned figures because of their food venture – “Diversion Dine”. Chicken Whiskey – Yes, they use actual whiskey (Ballantine’s) in the preparation and Sultani Kebabs (Cottage cheese and dry fruit kebabs) are just a couple of amazing dishes out of the whole lot being curated and served at Diversion Dine in Hawker Street, Ambience Mall, Gurugram.    

Diversion Dine was inaugurated on 01st December, 2019 and such was a response and encouragement from the customers that they are planning 2 more outlets, one in Sec-90 of Gurugram and one in the vicinity of Sec-63 in Gurugram. The duo takes pride in the superior grade raw materials and the green packaging they use. Vidhi Sharma – the chief operating officer of Diversion Dine has immense contributions towards the success of this brand whether it is through availability at the outlet or through managing the entire backend single-handedly.

At Diversion Dine, the ingredients are selected carefully and hygiene norms are followed by each and every person of the kitchen, when being asked about  how would they control this after expansion, they were quick to respond that they have a plan of having 1 individual at all times at every outlet who would ensure not only quality and taste, but also the customer experience. They have a motto on which they truly abide by – “A healthier you is a happier you”.

Without any relevant experience of this industry it was hard at first, but they started with passion and believed in quality produce. They shifted from what they were doing to something new, it was a new direction and hence, they wanted to give it a name that symbolizes this. This is how they decided – “Diversion Dine”.  

Turn towards Diversion, rather we should say “Divert” yourselves to them and explore the huge range of delicacies they offer – from appetizers to rolls, biryanis, paranthas, north Indian main-course to their kadak and masala tea. We tasted what we could and we found 2 things in their food – the blend of spices is very different and their portion sizes are really filling with a budget friendly price point.

They boast of adding another cuisine in their new outlets and want us to explore the additions in the menu ourselves when we order from the new place (they are only doing delivery and take away from the new outlets keeping in mind the safety standards). They have also introduced their own application for Android and iOS to ensure a richer customer experience and an easier process to order. We are ordering some Chicken Whiskey using Diversion Dine app for sure when they open (25th August, 2020 is the tentative date they gave us as the inauguration date for both the outlets). Are you?

Since, Business Mint never fails to observe and honour the hard work of unsung heroes, we have recognized the great work of Diversion Dine team by awarding them as the “Debutant Restaurant of the year – 2020.” This is listed in Nationwide Awards 2020 under Food and nightlife award category.

A moment of pride for the Directors (Manju Khanna and Ridhi Sharma) and the COO (Vidhi Sharma), truly a remarkable job. They share the best relationship and are turning out to be amazing business partners as well. The jury of Business Mint recognized this achievement, and we take immense pleasure in presenting the award title – Debutant Restaurant of the Year – 2020” to “Diversion Dine Pvt. Ltd.


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