Looking for Home Appliances for summers? Burly has all the solutions for your worries

Looking for Home Appliances for summers? Burly has all the solutions for your worries

Do you have a tiny space in your house or place of business that needs to be cooled? It’s a room that’s consistently warmer than the rest of the house or a workroom that your air conditioning system can’t reach. Perhaps you live in a small hot apartment with no air conditioning or work in a hot, stuffy environment that is unbearable without it. For an instant solution, many people turn to tabletop or ceiling fans. However, fans will not keep the space cold. They simply circulate the same hot air. But if you consider using an air cooler to provide some relief, they are superior to fans and air conditioners. Adding more coolness to your life, Burly’s exclusive collection of Air Coolers is here to save you from the scorching heat.

Acting as a savior for people, the Burly Smart Room Air Cooler Series is feasible for all sectors of customers and is packed with advanced features like PM 2.5 filters and high-quality plastic granules with one year of warranty. Burly Home Appliances has created a niche for itself in the market by dealing with personal and industrial coolers. Having Intrigustic features like Low Noise Operation, which helps in a sound sleep, and auto drain & humidity control can be used in more than one season. Along with having a highly efficient cooling pad designed as per the model, makes the cooler light-weighted, and has castor wheels, it makes for an individual to move from one place to another. 

Burly Home Appliances Pvt. Limited is a conglomerate of technological excellence, quality assurance, environmental sensitivity, and cost-effectiveness. The company’s DNA is Learn, Experience, Act, and Perform (LEAP), and its product development is centered on technical excellence, quality, and innovation. The firm takes pride in product innovation, development, and timely delivery. And the best part about Burly is that the India Centric products are designed and manufactured in India.

Talking about the brand, Burly Home Appliances founder stated, “To provide customers with a cooler experience to beat the heat waves. Our cooler is designed while keeping in mind all the necessary features like dust filter, long-distance airflow, collapsible louvers, and automatic louver movement, to name a few. With the help of Burly’s expert team, we can develop new air coolers with the more interesting features in each model. In the future, we envision expanding from air coolers to all the appliances to serve best in the industry.”

The firm deals in coolers as well as Glass line technology geysers, washing machines, and LEDs available across all the states. Burly Home Appliances have emerged as a cooler leader and geyser leader by providing quality products. Burly Products provides excellent value for money due to its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. In October of 2018, the company began operations with room air coolers and envisions expanding to include home appliances such as washing machines, geysers, water dispensers, air purifiers, air conditioners, and refrigerators. BHA has also addressed the requirement for post-sale service, with the ability to serve over 12000 PIN CODE locations. Customer complaints are handled with a single phone call to the call centre, which receives a response within 24 hours.

Burly’s Air Coolers are best recommended for this rising temperature if you are struggling to find the perfect way to beat the heat.


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