HOPE obesity centre hosts entertainment evening for bariatric surgery takers at Avalon hotel

HOPE obesity centre hosts entertainment evening for bariatric surgery takers at Avalon hotel

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India]: Irregular eating habits and increasing consumption of junk food is prevailing among scores of people today, which is causing obesity among them. The situation worsens when one does not work out or does not follow a proper diet plan. However, everything is possible in the technologically advanced world, where even obesity can be defeated with the help of bariatric surgery.

Hope obesity and super speciality hospital is the living example of how one can lead a healthy life even after undergoing bariatric surgery. An entertainment evening titled ‘Entertainment ki shaam aapke naam’ was organised on June 24 for more than 100 persons who had been suffering from obesity earlier and underwent bariatric surgery at Hope Hospital to shed kilos of extra weight and head towards a healthy life. The entertainment session was organised at Avalon hotel and Banquet located at Ramdas road of Ahmedabad, which was led by Radio jockey (RJ) Nimisha. Notably, it was for the first time that any hospital had organised an entertainment session for its patients, where they enjoyed to the fullest and shed light on their life before undergoing bariatric surgery and their experience after that.

The Hope Hospital is laced with all amenities and as advanced equipment, which helps people get rid of extra weight. It is well-known for performing bariatric surgeries, which help an obese person with a body weight of 150 kilograms or more to lose his/her weight. All bariatric surgeries, namely sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and swellow pill are feasible at the hospital.

Founder of the hospital, Dr Digvijay Singh Bedi said that the Hope Hospital has extended a helping hand to numerous patients by removing tumours from their stomach, who are now leading a healthy life. He added that after the patients underwent the surgery successfully, an entertainment session was organised for them, where they indulged in joyful activities and interactive sessions hosted by RJ Nimisha. RJ Nimisha brought out the best from each participant and kept them hooked to the session. The patients also provided a detailed account of their success story while overcoming obesity, Dr Bedi added.

Further in his statements, Dr Bedi said that such entertaining sessions will boost the confidence of the former patients and will bust the myths related to obesity, which will also be a good lesson for other people.

“We have discarded all the misconceptions regarding obesity to send out the right message to the public. Obesity is quite a common and troublesome health issue these days, which can be treated well”, Dr Bedi said. He then said that Dr Dewanshee Chowksi and Dr Mayur Patel have guided the people by busting all misconceptions about obesity and have propagated the right message among the masses.

He concluded by saying that Hope Hospital is not just a name but a ray of hope for those who had lost confidence in life owing to obesity.


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