BJP Activates its Agenda in Kukatpally – Party’s State Executive Member Vaddevalli Saran Choudary Takes Charge

BJP Activates its Agenda in Kukatpally - Party's State Executive Member Vaddevalli Saran Choudary Takes Charge

In a significant development for the Telangana BJP, regular party worker Vaddevalli Saran Choudary has been appointed as a member of the Kukatpally organizing committee. With the active participation of senior BJP leaders and activists, they are invigorating the party and focusing on the growth of both the party and the organizing committee. They are instilling courage among the people, who face various challenges in their everyday lives, by reaching out to every household and making them aware of the welfare programs and initiatives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration.

In this context, while addressing the public, Saran Choudary praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his nine-year-long journey in achieving victories for the country. He shared the details of these achievements with the people, generating a tremendous response from the audience. The enthusiasm of the people, coupled with their admiration for Modi and their support for the BJP, has motivated them to work harder and leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people. Saran expressed his belief that they can achieve their goals by connecting with the hearts of the people.

This approach will continue until the upcoming elections, with leaders and activists in the organizing committee engaging with the people, aiming to gain their trust and secure their votes. By expressing their faith in Modi’s leadership and showing support for the BJP, they hope to establish a strong presence in the hearts of the people. This sentiment will continue until the elections and beyond, as their leaders and workers unite to bridge the gap between the people and the BJP, effectively activating the saffron agenda in Kukatpally.


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