Hkm Saharan: Ace Entrepreneur from Legendary land of Sri Lanka shares Business Wisdom

Hkm Saharan: Ace Entrepreneur from Legendary land of Sri Lanka shares Business Wisdom

“For dreams to come true, you gotta work for it as if there is no other choice.” Says Hkm Saharan who is a Sri Lanka based entrepreneur and founder of “Third World” community organization which works across the Globe, guiding people about investment and NFTs. This whiz Entrepreneur is a disciple of Legendary Entrepreneur and Investment Coach Gary Vaynerchuk.

Wiz Entrepreneur Hkm Saharan is actually very inspirational for the young talents, the ones who dream and the ones who are on the verge of giving up. In a deciding turn of events, he met Gary Vaynerchuk virtually on his talk show in the year 2020 and was so inspired that it became a defining moment of his life. Thereafter he closely followed him and presently Hkm Saharan is one of the fastest-growing NFT coaches of Sri Lanka. He has his own Community named “Third World” which is a community of NFT enthusiasts led by Saharan himself where they day trade knowledge, tips & tricks and the hottest NFTs to mint.

Saharan used to be an amazing editor & a videographer. He is also a Tech enthusiast and has been doing tutorial videos in his downtime. He has more than 11k followers on his Instagram which he has gained in less than a year through being someone who barely posts. To get connected to Saharan you can visit his website at He is a strong believer of expertise and genius, he believes that if you have adequate knowledge of a field then success is just a matter of a little hard work and time.

Hkm Saharan really went from rags to riches. Ace Entrepreneur Saharan says that- There is no limit to what extent dreams can come true. It is important to understand that dreams, just like success, always come at a cost. You gotta be willing to sacrifice your comfort zone so as to be able to achieve your goals. The more extraordinary your dream is, the more extraordinary work you gotta be able to do.


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