Experience the sensory extravaganza: Enjoying a Culinary Fiesta at Iskcon Dwarka’s Phoolon ki Holi


Enter the enchanting realm of Iskcon Dwarka as they introduce a Holi festivity like no other – ‘Phoolon ki Holi’, blending tradition with modern flair for an exciting twist to the timeless celebrations. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance of Lathmar Holi, tracing its origins to the mythical tales of Brindawan where playful exchanges between lovers set the stage for an exuberant revelry. According to legend, Lord Krishna, accompanied by his playful companions, travels from Nandgaon to Barsana to drench his beloved Radha and her friends in vibrant colors of affection. However, upon their arrival, they are greeted not with open arms but with spirited sticks wielded by the spirited women of Barsana. At Iskcon Dwarka, this custom takes a whimsical turn as foam sticks replace the traditional wooden ones, ensuring a joyful celebration without any discomfort. But that’s not all – for those preferring a natural indulgence, ‘Phoolon ki Holi’ offers a fragrant experience with orange Marigold flowers, providing a gentle alternative for those with sensitive skin.

But the festivities continue with gusto. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience as the Matka Phor Holi steals the spotlight, accompanied by the pulsating rhythm of ‘Govida Ala Re’. Witness agile participants compete to smash the clay pot filled with curd atop a human pyramid, showcasing strength and unity that embody the essence of Holi.

“Apart from the flower Holi, lathmar Holi, and matka phod Holi, we have organized numerous vibrant programs. We anticipate thousands of devotees visiting the temple to seek the Lord’s blessings and join in the collective Holi festivities,” said Iskcon Dwarka Vice President Shri Gaur Prabhu.

Delight your taste buds at the diverse food stalls while children enjoy in the designated play area. The aroma of Delhi street food blends with the enticing spices of North Indian cuisine, inviting you on a culinary journey reflecting India’s rich diversity. Relish the crispy sabudana tikki, the tangy flavors of aloo chaat, or the creamy delight of paneer butter masala. Enjoy the comforting flavors of South Indian classics like dosa and idli or indulge in the sweet treats of Bengali desserts such as roshogolla and sandesh.

For those seeking a blend of familiarity and exoticism, explore Oriental and Continental cuisine offerings, featuring pizzas, tacos, and innovative dishes like dry fruit paneer sauté. Let the tastes of Maharashtra transport you with vada pav and shrikhand, or dive into the spicy delights of Cholle Bhature from the bustling streets of Delhi. And to quench your thirst after the festivities, indulge in a refreshing mojito madness or cool down with the renowned Iskcon Thandai.


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