Demand for ESD protection solutions to see continued growth


New Delhi: Ever wondered what causes the sudden electricity shocks when touching a metal object? This rapid, spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge induced by a high electrostatic field is defined as  Electrostatic discharge (ESD).

While these electrostatic shocks may seem unharmful or barely noticeable for an individual however, the cost of damaged devices caused by ESD may touch thousands of dollars for complex integrated circuits in industrial business processes.

In today’s global electronic environment, every business faces electrostatic charge and discharge challenges that not only impact manufacturing costs, and product quality but also profitability and productivity. Some of the industries where the control of static electricity has a crucial role include electronic manufacturing, automobile, pharmaceutical.

The ESD Association, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Technology Roadmap also emphasises the issue by highlighting that with devices becoming more sensitive, companies must begin to scrutinize the ESD capabilities of their handling processes.

Today thousands of companies involved in electronic manufacturing are cognizant of the importance and impact of ESD and ensure to maintain industry-accepted elements of static control. EOS/ESD Association, Inc. industry standards are available today to guide manufacturers in establishing the fundamental static charge mitigation and control techniques.

Being in the ESD control equipment industry for over 3 decades, Gunpreet Singh, Director, Blue Sky Infosys, shares why ESD control is an integral process in the electronic industry, ” The need to maintain an ESD safe environment is essential for businesses as the cost of the damage caused by Electrostatic discharge can adversely impact the not only the production but also their profits. Sensitive Electronic components especially integrated circuits and microchips can be easily damaged by ESD and hence need to be protected during manufacturing,” he said.

“The role of grounding is especially important for effective ESD control. All electronic businesses should ensure that these aspects are clearly defined, and regularly evaluated,” he further stated.

In order to create an ESD-safe environment there are multiple ESD equipments available today that include ESD Workstations, ESD Conveyors,  ESD Flooring, ESD Mats, ESD Epoxy Floorings, ESD Clothing, ESD Gloves, ESD Foot wears, ESD tables, ESD Chairs & Stools, ESD Wrist Straps, Solder, Epoxy flooring, Smoke Absorber, Soldering Station, and much more.



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