Yusuf Habib: Start Your Journey with Whatever You have

Yusuf Habib: Start Your Journey with Whatever You have
Yusuf Habib

Photography is a great hobby and can be very relaxing and fun. It can help with your creativity and problem-solving skills and you have an outlet for your artistic side. You will learn to appreciate the beauty in life and the world around you that you might have never noticed before. It is a wonderful thing to capture a moment in time and remember it forever. And there are so many different styles and types of photography to explore. Yusuf Habib started photography because he wanted a creative outlet so that he could strike a balance between his work and passion. This passionate photographer has grown his Instagram to a great following and knows what it takes to be successful but for him, personal content is more important than numbers. Here is more about Yusuf Habib.

Yusuf Habib is a 24 years old businessman and photographer who is known for taking photographs on the go. The photographer uses basic equipment to take some of the most amazing shots you’d have ever seen in your life. He says, “I don’t use any professional camera or anything, I just use my phone to take photos trying to keep it simple and raw sometimes with just a little bit of editing and color-grading and I love to travel a lot and capture every moment.”

Yusuf takes photos of streetscapes to showcase the beauty, uniqueness, and endurance that is all around us if we only pause long enough to notice it. He creates these images by snapping pictures with his phone and he does this because it allows him ultimate freedom to roam without worrying about technological or equipment-related issues. His creative eyes definitely know where to find click-worthy pictures as his photographs often consist of city lifestyle and showcase the profoundness that is found in what a normal pair of eyes would consider mundane city corners. Each one of them tells a story of its own, examining everything from the intricacy of a corner to a photographer’s ability to weave an elaborate case through subtle imagery.

Sharing about his journey, Yusuf said that he always liked the idea of sharing your work with an audience because when you build in public, you grow exponentially. Yusuf Habib’s first Instagram page was @witnessreality which was getting a lot of attention but the account got hacked When his account got hacked he was very upset because it took a lot of effort and time. He also took a small break after that then he had to change his personal private account to public to start his journey again, he also lost all his followers

But he didn’t give up, so he had no choice left but to start posting his photographs on his personal account @yusufhabib__. It is still a beginning for Yusuf Habib and his growth will be immaculate in the future. We wish this artist all the best for his future projects. Follow Yusuf Habib on Instagram https://instagram.com/yusufhabib__?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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