Young Actors Kashika Kapoor & Vardhan Puri bring back sass this Navratri with “O Rano Bura Na Mano”


Music transcends language barriers and actors Kashika Kapoor & Vardhan Puri are presenting a dazzling musical ride to their fans this Navratri. Their latest offering, “O Rano Aaj Bura Na Mano”, was released on September 19, right in time for the music aficionados to dance to its tune. The song, composed by Raj Barman and Aditya Narayan, tells the story of a girl named ‘Rano’ who plays hard to get and keeps the boy hooked with her confidence and attitude.

The song, along with another number, “Hisaab”, marks a double whammy by Kashika Kapoor, the multi-talented actor who has already enthralled the audience with her performances in the past. With these two songs, she has come back bigger and better and the views on YouTube. Both O Rano and Hisaab have generated close to 5 million views on YouTube platform and are going from strength to strength.

Kashika’s graceful performance in O Rano is ably complemented by Vardhan Puri, who belongs to an illustrious heritage. Vardhan is the grandson of one of Hindi cinema’s greatest actors, Late Amrish Puri. Both Kashika and Vardhan have rocked the dance floor with their moves and won lots of hearts. Kashika’s fun & sassy side provides the perfect foil to Vardhan’s raw screen presence. In fact, Kashika’s graceful performance belies her training as a classical Kathak exponent.

On the other hand, Hisaab features Kashika in a totally different avatar, that of a wife who cheats on her husband, played by Paras Arora.

Kashika Kapoor is only 20 years old but she has already built for herself a robust body of work, and the song “O Rano” is definitely going to be yet another feather in her hat.


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