Viral Gone Viral again for positive reasons


Unemployment is a major problem throughout the world, including India. According to a report published by the Government of India, the unemployment rate in June 2022* was around 7.8 %. That is a substantial sum.

Many factors contribute to the problem, and only a few are working to solve it. Dr. Viral Sakhiya is one of these similar people.

The name of Dr. Viral Sakhiya coined again in the market when he got nominated for prestigious ‘Bravo International Book Of World Record’ for providing employment to around 12 thousand plus youth. Yes it’s remarkable!

As famous saying says, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Dr. Viral Sakhiya has a big vision; he has been in the field of computer education for 14 years and offers affordable, customized computer and technological courses that meet market demands. Every year, his institute, Pride Educare Pvt. Ltd, serves thousands of students;’s Famous Business Coach Vivek Bindra endorsed his Institute Pride Educare.

His institute, Pride Educare, typically offers 58 different specialization courses, but he has designed a course called Information Technology Graduate (ITG) that is quite different from all of them. Because of the charisma of this programme, as well as the vision and approach of Dr. Viral Sakhiya and his team, more than 12000 students have been placed after successfully completing the ITG course.

He has received numerous awards for his accomplishments, and Dr. Viral Sakhiya recently received confirmation from Bravo International Book Of World Records for his final nomination for the title of ‘Training & Placement of 12680 Candidates in 2 years’.

It’s really amazing for a person to achieve this much in just 2 years of hard work. A grand celebration is scheduled in the month of August 2022.



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