Vineet Singh Hukmani; a Revolutionary for the New-age-media

Vineet Singh Hukmani; a Revolutionary for the New-age-media

Vineet Singh Hukmani is eminent in the world as an Indie singer-song writer. An author now, he has introduced the world to a new age cinematic experience through his book, “Nine” which is profoundly immersive and optimistic at its best.

In March of 2022, he released a new multimedia conceptualized book which, interestingly also happens to be a music album. His passion for the creativity which drives him so formidably is audible in this latest book of his wherein he has delivered 9 chapters of astounding thriller stories, each of which ends with a link to a song that captures the essence of his stories in its entirety with an optimistic tone to it.

“Nine”, at a reader’s perspective is an exceptionally enthralling book which not only is engrossing in the way that it has been formatted but the content it holds within are incredibly cheery and leaves anyone reading it with a supremely hopeful resolution.

This Indian/Asian artiste is a global phenomenon who has enormous appeal in the global market, having managed to enthrall his audiences at multiple levels with enlivening spirits. His inclusive and broad-ranging vision for the entertainment industry is distinctly evident in his latest masterpiece where he has innovatively managed to combine two works of art (i.e. literature and music) together successfully. His appeal, via “Nine”, has surpassed the Indian audience to reach a global audience where his songs have managed to stay on top charts on the US Radio.

Mr. Vineet is truly an inspiration, particularly to the Indian consumers of the new age media, with his undeniable ability to cater to the contemporary audience who are forever on a lookout for some state-of-the-art content. His new work of art, “Nine” reflects originality and a staggering sense of individuality, one like the audience has never witnessed before.

Vineet Singh Hukmani was certified and awarded a world record by the European Indie Music Commision and MEI Independenti in 2022 for being the first artist in the world to have 9 number 1 singles on the European Top Charts in 2021.

 In addition to that, he has 3 of his songs submitted in consideration for the Grammy’s in 4 mainstream categories.  His book-cum-music album is available on all kinds of platform ranging from paperback to new-age-medias like Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and Spotify.

It is apparent in this new book “Nine”, that Mr. Singh is genuinely and passionately invested in the art that he produces and is responsibly swerving through the entertainment market with a sense of purpose within him, guiding him throughout.

Mr. Vineet carefully chose to collaborate with The Write Order, India’s fastest growing publication house based out of Bangalore, Karnataka to publish his one-of-a-kind book. The publishing house publishes books of all genres from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, auto-biographies, biographies, educational books, horror and more. With a calculated assistance from The Write Order Publication house, Mr. Singh has been able to spread word about his book to the market, both nationally and internationally.

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