Underprivileged kids got a chance to have lunch in 5 star Oberoi Hotel with Yash Mane

Underprivileged kids got a chance to have lunch in 5 star Oberoi Hotel with Yash Mane

Hello everyone..

We usually come across some poor people starving for one time food on their basis. I know many of them in my locality, where apart from parents there are small kids who beg for few bucks and food.

I came across one horrifying incident where these small kids entered a restaurant where they had enough rupees to buy something to eat normally.

Apart from guiding them regarding food or what will be the best pick for them to eat they were kicked off from the restaurant by the employees, which was very inhuman behaviour and very unprofessional way to treat someone.

I asked them what did they want as a Diwali gift which can make their day any better and the answer made my eyes full of tears.

They said “we never had good food in AC restaurant nor we can effort that anytime soon.

I was shocked that every now an then we visit good hotels for random parties or get to gather but for some of them even visiting these kind of places is a dream.

So I decided to take them to 5 star property in Mumbai called ‘The Oberoi Hotel’

The only intension behind taking them to 5 star property was to show the world “Never judge someone from their appearance”

Fancy luxurious clothes and accessories, cars, fancy food items are just a materialistic things. What matters is as a person what heart you have and how you are with others.

My kids were happy and the joy in their eyes was my return gift.

These kind of happiness is my motivation to keep on going in life and in coming years I will work more hard to get these smiles in more and more faces.

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