Transforming Agricultural Tools Sector in India Was My Wildest Dream, Says Kothari Agrico CEO Ronak Kothari

Kothari Agrico CEO Ronak Kothari
Ronak Kothari, CEO of Kothari Agrico

Ronak Kothari is one of India’s youngest CEO known for his widely popular agricultural implementation tools brand “Kothari Agrico”. Under his remarkable leadership, the brand has successfully expanded overseas in South Africa and the United Kingdom as well. In the last five years of his service, he has achieved great heights and immense expertise in the business. From basic agricultural tools to commercial Agri tech innovations, his brand “Kothari Agrico” has rendered outstanding results on all fronts.

In an exclusive interview with us, Ronak Kothari especially when he was consistently reading great reviews and testimonials on his social media shared his inspiring brand story and useful insights by answering a few questions raised by our team.

My journey with “Kothari Agrico” began with a passion to innovate the agricultural implementation tools sector in India, today, after three decades of existence “Kothari Agrico” continues to render happy, contented smiles. An Exclusive Interview with CEO of Kothari Agrico Ronak Kothari.

When asked about his brand philosophy and consistency says Kothari Agrico’s CEO “The very essence of all our creations is the apt combination of trust, faith, and commitments and we are doing it for the last 35 years with consistency”

What makes your brand unique in a market that is fiercely competitive?

Ans:- Every time, our design team strives to create a functional design that will meet the needs of our customers in terms of space, functionality, and price. Through immaculate efficiency, coordinated communication, and consistency in attaining the intended goals, we guarantee the ideal workflow.

“Unique” is not the proper word, in my opinion. The product we are selling in this cutthroat industry, in my opinion, is based on quality, packaging, being remarkably reasonable, and having a lifetime warranty.

What is your target niche, and who are your target audience?

Ans:- Our goal is to provide farmers and developers with the best products possible because, as we all know, farmers are the ones who provide us with food. It is therefore our duty to provide them with the best products possible at the lowest possible cost with the greatest possible benefit. We are taking the same action for developers as well because everyone wants INDIA to have the best infrastructure. Additionally, we are developing more products to benefit both the construction sector and the agricultural industry.

Give some insights into your magnificent growth, major clients, and brand expansion in recent years.

Ans:- When your commitments, objectives, functioning, and the most crucial team strategy are set, growth is absolutely certain. We have a presence all throughout the nation and on the global market. In the last six months, we have appointed 9 dealers.

Nowadays there are ample options available, so why choose Kothati Agrico?

Ans:- Every industry faces competition, but Kothari Agrico is India’s top brand because our products are more effective, come with a 100% replacement warranty, and are of flawless quality.

Any message to our readers and the people looking to start an agricultural implementation tools business?

If you have any ideas for new agriculture businesses, we’re here to help you. You can visit us, and we can talk about it further for the sake of the agricultural industry and our farmers, who, in my opinion, is our true gods. Let’s do something for them, get any ideas, and we’ll be here for you. If you need anything, just let us know.


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