Transform Your Life with the Expert Guidance of Renowned Psychologist in Mumbai – Dr. Shraddha Sidhwani

Dr Shraddha Sidhwani

Mumbai: In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and challenging, the need for mental health support has never been more crucial. Today, we are proud to highlight the significance of a good psychologist and therapist in helping individuals navigate the current scenario.

Meet Dr Shraddha Sidhwani, a certified Psychologist and Psychotherapist based in the vibrant city of Mumbai. With extensive training and certifications from reputable institutions such as the Rehabilitation Council of India and the AEI Institute, USA, she is at the forefront of providing exceptional therapeutic care.

Drawing from her expertise in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), Dr Shraddha Sidhwani specializes in addressing a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges faced by individuals of all ages. Whether it’s anger, addiction, anxiety, depression in children and adolescents, or marital discord among adults, she offers compassionate support to help individuals overcome these obstacles.

Family counselling is another vital aspect of Dr Sidhwani’s practice. By promoting harmony and balance between family members, he creates a more friendly and supportive environment for everyone involved. This is achieved through the utilization of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other supportive techniques, ensuring a comprehensive approach to healing and growth.

Furthermore, she holds the distinction of being one of India’s first Tobacco Trained Specialists (TTS) certified by the prestigious Mayo Clinic, USA. This additional expertise allows him to provide effective counselling for tobacco cessation, helping individuals break free from the grip of addiction.

As a highly skilled psychologist in Mumbai, Dr Shraddha Sidhwani offers counselling services for a wide range of issues, including anxiety management, anger management, marriage counselling, stress management, corporate training, tobacco cessation counselling, eating disorder management, sleep disorder management, grief counselling, addiction counselling, and childhood issues such as ADHD and learning disabilities. In addition, he also provides the convenience of tele-counselling and teletherapy, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for her clients.

Dr Shraddha Sidhwani ‘s organization, Reality and You (RAY), is dedicated to providing unconditional support in the journey of life and relationships. Their evidence-based therapeutic techniques help individuals build faith and conviction, whether they are experiencing success or facing challenges.

In a time when mental health counselling is increasingly recognized as a crucial aspect of overall well-being, the role of a good psychologist and therapist cannot be overstated. Her commitment to delivering exceptional care and her expertise in various therapeutic modalities make him an invaluable resource for individuals seeking support in Mumbai and beyond.

Phone: +91 9920812638, +91 22 26431137/8.

Email: shrradha[at]

Address: Suite A-403, 36 Turner Road, Near Tavaa Restaurant, Bandra, Mumbai 400050.


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