Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd plans to set up alternate employment for Doliwalas at Girnar


Shree Jawahar Chavda to hold ground breaking ceremony of Rs 1 crore work

Surat –Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd has always been taking initiatives that are of beneficial for tourism and employment at the same time. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s systematic planning has helped Gujarat’s tourism sector grown manifold, continuing the legacy Chief Minister Shree Vijaybhai Rupani has made Gujarat popular across the globe. Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd is planning to set up alternate employment facility for Doliwalas at Girnar at a approx. cost of Rs 1 crore which includes setting up of 104 shops and other basic facilities.

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd is successfully doing all the hard work to maintain and develop the facilities for tourists and setting up benchmarks for all the work that are being done in the state. With the development of 104 shops will give ample opportunities to Doliwalas to explore to empower themselves.

Ground breaking ceremony of this project will take place on 1st August 2020 at Junagadh in presence of Shree Jawaharbhai Chavda and Mayor alongwith other eminent dignitaries.


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