Top 5 Rising Authors from India by Probox media


There are so many great authors from India that it is difficult to keep the list short. Here is a list of five authors from India who are doing exceptional in their field.

1. Aurijit Ganguli

Aurijit is an Engineer by education, a Sales professional by choice, a Traveller by passion and a Foodie by habit. Right from his childhood, Aurijit has been an avid reader. Aurijit worked in the U.S.A. and India for leading multinationals like LG and Oracle, before setting up a Sales Management consultancy firm Bizwin, along with a few other business leaders. Aurijit took up novel writing recently and published his first book The Shambala Sutras in May 2020. The Mystery Mountains got published exactly two years later. Both are fast-paced adventure thrillers. The main drive behind his writing is to bring unknown aspects of pre-history and spirituality to mainstream readers. Having travelled widely across the world, he always tries to bring a global perspective to his storyline. Aurijit’s first book The Shambala Sutras is a mystical thriller for all ages.  His second book The Mystery Mountains is an andventure-filled story with ancient knowledge and suspense elements at its core.

2. Arun Malik

Arun Malik, author of various motivational books, aims to become a thought leader on the world stage. His collection of ten books can leave us spellbound with a great fire to succeed, manifested in Arun’s thoughts, words and teachings. He is a master motivator and a successful leader whose experiences and conflicting circumstances have enabled him to understand how learning and positivity can change life. His books inspire people to think and feel in a more optimistic manner, which in turn makes them more resolute to achieve success and turn their dreams into reality. Arun graduated in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India and did an MBA from IRMA, Anand, India. He later worked in United States and United Kingdom at big corporations in Information Technology domain. He consciously honed his inspirational skills over the years and his ten books are a manifestation of wisdom gathered over a long time, in inspiring and motivating folks.

3. Karan Puri

Karan is an award-winning Indian author and columnist. He is a freelance writer for various publications. His new book, #Metoo is a collection of short stories drawn from personal accounts of sexual abuse survivors. He received praise and coverage from prominent print and digital media outlets for his second book. Currently, he is working on a food-themed short stories children’s book in collaboration with award-winning chef. Being an award-winning Food Influencer having won the exchange4media Impact Influencer award, he wants younger readers to learn about his passion for food and the art of making it. He hopes that by doing so, he will introduce them to the world of cooking and chefs and even motivate them to try their hand at it. Hs first book was a bestseller titled “Shit Happens – Desi Boy in America.” In addition, the book was included in the 2012 India Today Top 20 bestseller list.

4. Shikhi Sharma

Shikhi Sharma is engineer-turned banker. She is passionate about writing on life. She is the author of two books “Life… As it comes” and “Unbeatable” and is currently writing her third book.She was awarded as “Women of Rajasthan” by Resp. MP Diya Kumari in March 2021 organised by We, the Women of Rajasthan and many such awards are in her name. Her recent book “Unbeatable” is inspired by the true story of this amazing boy Tapasvi and she decided to make this inspirational story reach the millions of children and parents who are struggling with cerebral palsy. Through her book she has tried to send a very important message to the society about acceptance of disabled and differently able persons. She believes that if given a chance they can do wonders, we just need to accept them as a normal part of our society. Shikhi Sharma is a strong believer of education especially for female.

5. Kalden Doma

Kalden Doma is an entrepreneur, leader, life coach, speaker and spiritual guide in the personal development domain. She is the first Tibetan women author to write the book of life. “The Book of Life: 7 Lesser Known Secret Life” is her debut book which explains the success tools and methods that are simple, understandable, and applicable in your everyday life. Kalden started her carrier as a mind & life trainer/coach. She is one of the foremost motivational and inspirational speakers in India and internationally. Kalden has been involved in many inspirational projects for youth and children, recording a music album with female prison inmates, coaching unemployed people, helping refugees, and arranging leadership workshops for companies. Kalden has guided people for the last 20 years & has been giving training programs, seminars, and coaching in her Akanishtha Acamdey. Kalden has an unshakable, fearless optimist dedicated to helping people who want to rediscover and become the person they most want to be.


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