Top 5 Best Astrologers in India

Top 5 Best Astrologers in India

Check out details on the five (5) best astrologers in India. These experts offer professional services to numerous clients in India and abroad. See who they are, their contributions to astrology, and much more in this post.

India is home to the world’s most honest and genuine, professional astrologers.  The best astrologers in India possess skills and knowledge to offer accurate predictions and solutions to life events.

Countless accurate predictions from India’s top celebrity astrologers attracts clients locally and around the globe. Many notable honest and genuine astrologers specialize in one or more practices to serve their massive clientele list.

Predictions from the best astrologers from India has made notable differences in the lives of countless individuals globally. That’s why it’s essential to look at the best astrologer list in India if you seek life-changing advice from these professionals.

The best Indian astrologers usually practice Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, and other methods to serve clients.

Let’s check out the top five (5) best astrologers to ever come out of India. These individuals continue to garner international acclaim for their contribution to astrology. Several astrologers on this list are still in active practice, so it’s easy to book consultations at convenience!

1. Bejan Daruwalla

Even with his academic exploits in English, very few knew Bejan Daruwalla as a professor. He earned international acclaim as India’s most-respected astrologer with several notable actions to back this title.

Bejan majored in I-Ching, Hindi/Western astrology, Tarot reading, Kabalah, Numerology, and much more. Daruwalla’s predictions earned India some of its major recognitions as a force in modern astrology. He also received countless awards for his roles as an expert astrology.

Some of Bejan’s notable awards came after his predictions of life events, political victories, and other unbelievable forecasts.

Daruwalla practiced astrology until his passing in 2020 but many still recognize him as India’s top astrologer.

2. Kotamraju Narayana Rao

Kotamraju Narayana (K. N.) Rao is one of India’s top astrologers with several notable contributions to the practice. K. N. Rao ranks as India’s most popular guru and countless upcoming astrologers take him as their mentor.

He began his astrology journey as a 12-year old and learnt several concepts from his mother. Rao also had his training from two other gurus and majored in Vedic astrology for several decades.

Shri Rao earned massive recognition for his uncanny ability to forecast significant events in India and abroad. Some of Rao’s most notable predictions include political assassinations/scandals, war outcomes, events in celebrities’ lives, and much more.

Rao’s ability to predict events and offer professional astrology-based advice is a major reason he’s popular abroad. Countless clients from countries in the region and abroad flock to India or consult with Rao virtually for solutions and advice.

3. Hemant Barua

Hemant Barua’s popularity as a celebrity astrologer didn’t happen by chance; he’s one of India’s most decorated professionals.

Dr. Barua has several qualifications in Vedic Astrology and holds a doctorate in Astrology. He has a massive award cabinet that’s ever increasing with many international and domestic recognitions for his work. Dr. Hemant’s skills and experience has served 70,000+ clients globally, and this figure keeps growing.

He adopts several techniques in Gemology, horoscopic analysis, and much more to serve clients. Dr. Barua also adopts charts, classic records, and other essential methods to assist clients. He currently serves top-tier clients with politicians, music/Bollywood stars, sports personalities, industry leaders and other VIPs from around the world.

Hemant’s contribution to astrology also stretches to the general community with frequent calculations and predictions shared to the public. He offers professional advice and practical solutions to help clients deal with many of life’s challenges.

Dr. Barua is available for a phone consultation after booking through his website or you can reach him on WhatsApp (+91 977-395-9523).

4. Swetta Jumaani

Swetta Jumaani is one of India’s most prolific astrologers when you consider planetary predictions and general practice. She is the daughter of one of India’s greatest exports, the late Bansilal Jumaani.

Swetta studied astrology and its concepts under her father and has become of the country’s best practitioners for decades. One of her notable skills as an expert astrologer is to predict the interrelationship between planets and their movements.

She also specializes in offering predictions about economic booms and is an expert in offering professional advice based on astrology. Swetta applies numerous methods to her craft and is a major figure in Indian astrology since the 2000s.

One of Swetta’s predictions accurately described Pune post-2003 and its industrial boom. She also foretold the effects of Mars movement towards Earth correctly.

5. Sunita Menon

Sunita Menon is India’s most popular Tarot card reader and an expert in Palmistry. She is a celebrity astrologer, as most of her clients are movie stars and TV personalities in India and abroad.

Sunita has several notable figures like Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar on her client list with many popular personalities. She rose to prominence as one of India’s best Tarot readers with various accurate predictions made about clients’ future experiences.

Sunita became one of India’s top Tarot card readers at a young age and her rise inspires many upcoming astrologers locally and abroad. She offers her services to other personalities in sports, industry, politics, and regular people too. Her expertise in Tarot card reading also earns her numerous guest appearances on TV shows and conferences around the world.


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