Top 10 Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs Of The Year – 2023 By The Indian Alert


They say ‘successful business leaders are made, not born’. The Indian Alert, in association with Digisharks Communications, is proud to present the list of the TOP 10 MOST DYNAMIC ENTREPRENEURS OF THE YEAR 2023 from various industry sectors who have changed the business world with their innovative ideas and professionalism.

1). Mr. Bhupenddra Singh Raathore – Founder and Director of Think Rich India Service Private Limited:-Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, known as Coach BSR, emerges from Rajasthan’s small town with an extraordinary story. His unwavering dedication impacted over 10 million lives, earning him two Guinness World Records and a speech at the United Nations Headquarters. From an IT professional to a public speaking luminary, Bhupenddra’s journey embodies resilience.

Betrayed and left with nothing, Bhupenddra turned to his spiritual guru for guidance, receiving a transformative mantra. He selflessly shared his expertise, launching the “Magic of Thinking Rich” workshop during the pandemic, touching millions worldwide. Bhupenddra’s “BSR’s Commando Training” program instills discipline and fortitude.

From a boy with dreams to a global icon, Bhupenddra’s story proves that determination and altruism can turn dreams into reality. His impact as a Guinness World Record Holder and Maharashtra Gaurav Award recipient resonates globally. Join the ranks transformed by his vision and embrace limitless possibilities with Bhupenddra Singh Raathore as your guide.

2). Dr. Kakkireni Bharath – Founder and CEO of KBK GROUP: –  Dr. Kakkireni Bharath is the visionary force propelling the KBK Group to remarkable heights. His portfolio includes KBK Business Solutions, KBK Multi-specialty Hospital, Equinox IT Solutions LLC, KBK Globalteq, KBK Property Developers, KBK Pharma, and KBK Broadcasting, among others.

Bharath’s journey is a tapestry of diverse ventures, marked by savvy investment choices and groundbreaking initiatives. KBK Business Solutions exemplifies his prowess in tailoring cutting-edge solutions to intricate client needs, while KBK Multi-specialty Hospital embodies his philanthropic mission to redefine healthcare.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC mirrors his global outlook, reshaping the IT landscape. KBK Globalteq, KBK Property Developers, KBK Pharma, and KBK Broadcasting showcase his multifaceted approach to industry domination. With unwavering commitment and foresighted investments, Dr. Bharath Kakkireni stands as an entrepreneurial pioneer, investor extraordinaire, and dedicated philanthropist. His legacy continues to shape the corporate realm, leaving an indelible mark on society.

3). Mr. Mohnish Yerra – Founder and CEO of Leaders For India Organization:-Mohnish Yerra, an IE Business School MBA graduate, is the Founder and CEO of LEADERS FOR INDIA ORGANIZATION ( LIO is a thriving business community, where industry leaders synergize their resources for mutual growth. With the motto “INVEST, INNOVATE, IMPACT” at the forefront, they serve as the trusted partner for Wealth Creation and establish a strong foundation of support for the sector-agnostic businesses of LIO members. LIO has grown to 100 members within only 18 months while facilitating over ₹20 crores for 16 different business opportunities. In addition to managing ₹9 crores in AUM, they have forged 8 significant Venture Partner agreements with Angel Networks, VCs, and Strategic Partners creating a Global Footprint. At the young age of 28, Mohnish’s personal Investment Vehicle, MYCap Investments (, has an impressive portfolio of 18 companies and exhibits an efficacious investment thesis and a resolute growth mindset.

4). Mr. Junaid Shaikh – Managing Director of Roshan Space Brandcom Pvt. Ltd:-Junaid Shaikh, MD of RoshanSpace, is an OOH visionary. His hands-on leadership transformed RoshanSpace into a premium boutique OOH partner, offering prime locations across the country. Junaid’s blend of grit, humility, and creativity turns ideas into successful ventures. With a global perspective and sufi yoga teachings, he brings a unique approach to business. Amidst adversity, he built Asia’s largest billboard, Bandra Focal, during the pandemic. Junaid’s legacy spans 45 years, shaped by his father’s industry contributions. He advocates for small players, securing fee waivers. RoshanSpace prioritizes OOH accountability through metrics and automation for accelerated revenue growth. Junaid’s Prodigi, India’s longest DOOH network, marries art, science, and tech for compelling brand stories. RoshanSpace is set to drive brand growth in a meaningful way.

5). Mr. Ankesh Arora – CEO of A-Square Group:- Ankesh Arora is an entrepreneur, investor and author, best known as the CEO of A-Square Group, a global technology provider for government agencies. The company under his leadership is investing heavily in AI-powered healthcare solutions, digital public infrastructure, big data and other emerging technologies for state governments of India. Arora has previously contributed to the development of notable companies in healthcare and information technology and has been an integral part of New York City’s digital and technology ecosystem. Prior to business ventures, he served in healthcare management at United Health Services Hospitals, the largest healthcare provider in the Southern Tier of State of New York. He is the author of the book “Parallel Patient Flow to Reduce Length of Stay in Emergency Departments”. Ankesh Arora is an alumnus of Dartmouth College and Binghamton University.

6). Mr. Nikhil Dodo – Co-Founder and COO of Lahori Zeera (Archian Foods Pvt Ltd.):-  Nikhil Doda is the COO and Co-founder at Lahori Zeera. Apart from being a victorious entrepreneur in his industry, he is also on the mission to build the largest non-cola beverage brand in the country.

After starting his journey in 2017, he constructed the brand identity of Lahori to create its own dominating niche in the market. With immense consumer love, the brand now aims to clock 1000+ crore in revenue by 2025.

As an entrepreneur, he is not only inspiring young startup founders with his story of success, but also aims at contributing to the FMCG industry and his community further, by all possible means. “I want to give back to the society and be part of many such success stories in future by backing young founders who are trying to change the landscape of the evolving FMCG market with my little expertise & capital“ quotes Nikhil.

7). Mr. Ashish Tulsian – Co-Founder and CEO of Restroworks (Formerly Posist):- Ashish Tulsian is the CEO and Co-founder of Restroworks, a Unified Restaurant Technology Platform that powers over 18,000 restaurants in 50 countries. A seasoned entrepreneur and prominent angel investor, Ashish brings 15 years of experience in scaling companies and leads Restroworks’ Product Development, Operations, and Global Expansion. Restroworks enhances bottom-line efficiency for restaurants, helping them become prosperous.

8). Mr. Kuldip Maity – Managing Director and CEO of VFS Capital Ltd:-Mr. Kuldip Maity is a leading social entrepreneur who is widely admired and respected for his strong business ethics, pioneering initiatives and financial acumen.

He founded a microfinance organization in Kolkata, India at the young age of 28. Starting with just 100 employees, the company now has grown multiple times and is spread across 15 states with 278 branches and employs over 1800 people.

He is considered one of the brightest young entrepreneurs in India and is the recipient of multiple awards for his leadership skills as well as contribution to the microfinance and social development sectors.

9). Mr. Ehsaan Qureshi – Founder and CEO of Mebazo Fashion Pvt. Ltd: Meet Ehsaan, the dynamic and inspirational 27-year-old entrepreneur behind MEBÁZO, a premium & luxury Ecocert plant-based beauty and personal care brand. Despite a life-altering accident, Ehsaan defied adversity, transforming his experiences into a powerful journey of self-discovery and business development. With diverse interests from rally carracing to painting and music, he exemplifies versatility and resilience. Ehsaan’s story is not just about creating a revolutionary beauty brand, but it’s also a testament to his undying spirit and determination to redefine societal norms.

10). Mr. Dilip Damodhar Donekar – Founder of DGC Naturopathy Hospital:- DGC Naturopathy and Cancer Care Centre stands as a beacon of excellence in India and Asia, drawing medical students worldwide for internships. Renowned for treating complex ailments and various cancers, Dr. Donekar’s expertise has bestowed a disease-free life upon countless patients. His pioneering contributions to Naturopathy and TEDX Speaker are etched in the Asia and India Book of Records. United Cancer Network (UCN) takes immense pride in honoring the DGC Naturopathy Yog Treatment, TEDX Speaker & Cancer Care Centre, a testament to its unwavering commitment to holistic healing and cancer care. With a legacy of transformative healthcare, DGC Centre shines as a paragon of hope and recovery.

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