The Great Mango Festival 2024: A Vision of Mr. Hanu Reddy


India, the world’s largest producer of mangoes, accounts for about 40% of global production. Recognizing this, Mr. Hanu Reddy envisioned The Great Mango Festival by Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism, an initiative celebrating the significance of Indian mangoes in both domestic and international markets.

India produces approximately 20 million metric tons of mangoes annually, with key export destinations including the Middle East, Europe, the USA, and Southeast Asia. As consumers worldwide become more health-conscious, the demand for organic produce, including mangoes, is increasing.

Mr. Hanu Reddy sees mango tourism as a novel concept with tremendous potential. The annual mango festivals hosted by Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism invite people from all over the world to experience the richness of Indian mangoes, particularly in South India. These events aim to benefit thousands of families directly and indirectly involved in mango cultivation during the peak season.

Tourists are offered guided tours of mango farms, where they can learn about the cultivating process, explore different mango varieties, and enjoy mango picking. Modern techniques boost mango quality and yield, while supportive policies empower farmers for export. India’s vast and growing mango market offers exciting potential. Focusing on organic farming, fruit tourism, and strong farmer support can maximise economic benefits and ensure sustainable growth.

This festival is not just about celebrating mangoes; it’s about celebrating the essence of our land and the traditions that have sustained us for generations,” says Hanu Reddy, visionary founder of Hanu Reddy Raghava Farms. “At Hanu Reddy Raghava Farms, we believe in showcasing the beauty and bounty of nature in a way that is both sustainable and soulful. The Great Mango Festival is a testament to our commitment to preserving our agricultural heritage and fostering a deeper connection with the land.”

Always thinking ahead for India, Mr Hanu Reddy, continues to elaborate that “Through this one-of-a-kind immersive experience, my vision is twofold. One is about bringing the world to India to celebrate its mangoes, much like how people journey to Japan for the cherry blossom festival. Two is to give back to the farmer community by empowering them to sell experiences. While produce may hold a certain value, I believe that selling an experience can amplify its worth exponentially, by at least a hundredfold. This approach not only benefits our farmers but also contributes significantly to the country’s GDP.”

On June 9th, 2024, Hanu Reddy Raghava Farms witnessed hundreds of visitors, including diplomats, international chamber representatives, and celebrities from Kollywood, all eager to experience the mango farm. Speaking to the media, Mr. Hanu Reddy expressed his excitement over the increasing interest and footfall, extending an open invitation to people worldwide to explore the festival. He emphasized that this initiative would greatly benefit those associated with the sustainable farming and tourism industries.

The Great Mango Festival 2024 not only highlights the economic importance of mangoes but also showcases India’s cultural and agricultural heritage, promising a fruitful experience for all attendees.


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