Tale of Startup Smartindianews: Breaking Corporate Chains


Ashish, a Senior Associate, was another team member, particularly in this day and age when working from home is so convenient. However, the current status quo made the employees’ blatant indifference to working from the premises.

But when he met Zahir and Kiran, a young, ambitious couple who also happen to be his junior colleagues and have been nagging everyone to come back to the office, he had no idea what he was in for. As soon as they had a moment to collect themselves, discussions about the hit television program “Shark Tank India” dominated their discourse.

It was designed to be unrelated rumors without a purpose or logical justification. Zahir was gloating about how “blogging/vlogging” had taken the place of traditional entrepreneurship and how if they followed the road map, the tables could turn for them.

He was visibly frustrated because he understood that, even if he had three promotions by the time he was forty, he would not be able to buy the home of his dreams, let alone think of himself as a “big shot” in the industry. Who wouldn’t want to be at the top of the heap when every major company has been successful recently in blogging and online new-age marketing?

Instead of paying them any attention, Ashish told them to focus on the “present task at hand.” Although he was constantly reminded of his younger self, who longed to try “new things” but couldn’t because he lacked the skills to combat the ordinary, every time he watched zahir& Kiran engage in a passionate discussion over businesses and breakthroughs.

After a while, Zahir and Kiran stopped going to work because they realized the potential that was before them and chose to take charge. The two knew they had the desire and capacity to launch their venture. Still, they also understood the need for someone with extensive experience in the blogging and digital marketing industries.

However, it would be nearly hard to persuade Ashish with mere rumors; instead, they intended to capture his interest with a specific plan.

A few days later, Ashish was surprised when Zahir and Kiran phoned him with a thoroughly researched version of Smartindianews.in. They even went so far as to make an entire presentation about it. Ashish could see from this that Zahir and Kiran weren’t just acting in their “Talk Show,” but they had a genuine passion for their actions.

The more the three discussed the concept, the more they learned about straightforward yet effective blogging tools and understood that they could be able to make a sizable sum of money. After several days of contentious debates after work and a few drinks, they devised a detailed and all-inclusive plan on how to promote their blog. We all need a few drinks to get our systems in gear, and starting a blog is analogous to finding a life partner. One of my pals explained how a rumor turned into the basis of a “Startup” in this manner.


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