Taiwan Expo India 2023 enhances our cities with unique product offering at their Smart City Area

Taiwan Expo India 2023 enhances our cities with unique product offering at their Smart City Area

The much-awaited Taiwan Expo India 2023 has set up the Smart City Area Pavilion to showcase 9 key Taiwan companies with potential for business ties in India namely:

COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC offers 5G Small Cell, new generation 5G Integrated Small Cell (ISC) solutions with latest NXP processor built-in, provides high network density and low-latency performance for 5G connections. It is the industry’s fastest 5G integrated small cell (ISC) and can support 5G coverage across public and private networks, used in smart factories, smart cities, and smart entertainment, supporting new 5G use cases and low-latency Mini-Slot and Grant-free technology and other applications.

They also have APAL 5G MiFi, world’s first 5G MiFi Hotspot that supports multiple connection Interfaces. The world’s first mobile hotspot that supports LAN, USB, and Wi-Fi connectivity. WiFi6 provides 5G connectivity to existing smart devices with wider coverage range and up to 4X higher speed compared to current WiFi. It can be connected to up to 30 users simultaneously. High speed and low latency to provide the best experience when watching movies and playing games.

RAEIDER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has developed a Solar Power Fan with 4 levels of air volume and equipped with Microcomputer-style buttons, USB-C interface and timer shutdown function with Timer setting every 2/4/6/8 hours. It can also be used as a mobile power bank to charge smartphones, etc. The “PERSON” small household appliance brand of RAEIDER Company has a history of more than 30 years in Taiwan with its excellent quality image and after-sales service, and is widely recognized by consumers.

Thinkcloud technology has developed SelfieSign, an innovative, secure and paperless DBS (dynamic biometric signature) solution based on video recording.  SVS uses a mobile device’s front-facing camera to record the user’s signing process, thus authenticating user and bringing undeniable proof of that user’s free will and sole control. Its interface is similar to that of a mailbox, with the possibility to edit documents and send them to a single or multiple contacts. Possible customers include banks, insurance companies, hospitals and medical centers, logistics businesses and legal firms

Organized by International Trade Administration (TITA), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan Expo is its flagship exhibition to fortify the ties between Taiwan and the ASEAN countries including India. Since its inception in 2017, Taiwan Expo has emerged as a leading platform for Taiwanese businesses to explore new opportunities, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships in ASEAN, South Asia, and North America. Thus, the Expo is credited to be the premier online sourcing hub in ASEAN countries and India. It is testament of Taiwan’s strong and long-term commitment in promoting bilateral trade relationship with India.


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