T.M. Patel International School Celebrates Yoga and Music Day with Enthusiasm


Surat (Gujarat) [India]:  T.M. Patel International School in Surat celebrated Yoga and Music Day with great enthusiasm, showcasing a vibrant display of the school’s dedication to nurturing both mind and body.

The event began with a mass yoga session, where students participated in various asanas, promoting physical and mental well-being. The yoga session highlighted the importance of mindfulness and discipline, key aspects of the school’s holistic development approach.

Following the yoga session, a music program showcased the students’ talents through a series of captivating performances. This segment emphasized emotional expression and creativity, further reflecting the school’s commitment to fostering a balanced lifestyle.

The celebration aimed to integrate physical health through yoga and emotional well-being through music, underlining the significance of holistic development. Both activities were designed to cultivate mindfulness, discipline, and creativity among the students.

Principal K. Maxwell Manohar expressed pride in the students’ enthusiasm and participation, stating, “Our goal is to create an environment that supports the all-round development of our students. Events like these are a testament to our commitment to their holistic growth.”

The event concluded with applause and appreciation for the efforts of Admin Rakesh Prasad and teachers, reinforcing T.M. Patel International School’s mission to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


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