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  • Easing Surgery Concerns with Comprehensive Support
  • Easing Surgical Worries and Uplifting Spirits through a Comprehensive Spectrum of Support

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Embarking on a remarkable journey, Surgify initiated its path in 2021. Mr. Nadir Hassan, the CEO & Founder, joined hands with Dr. Asim Farooqui, the Medical Director & Founder, because of their shared vision. They recognized the hurdles that patients and their loved ones encounter throughout the surgical process. Surgify, in its mission to reshape healthcare, directly handles these challenges with a strong commitment to meeting the needs of all patients requiring surgery.

“Surgify was born from the belief that every patient’s experience should be easy and centered around their unique needs,” says Mr. Nadir Hassan, Founder and CEO. This philosophy continues to drive Surgify’s mission of revolutionizing healthcare for the better.

Dr. Asim Farooqui, the Medical Director and Founder of Surgify, brings over 12 years of extensive experience as a general surgeon to the team. His expertise in the field ensures that Surgify’s mission of transforming the surgical experience is backed by medical excellence and a deep understanding of patient needs.

The journey from diagnosis to recovery is often filled with uncertainties, emotional stress, and logistical complexities that can be overwhelming. Diagnosing the health issue itself can be perplexing, leading to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

Surgify understands the emotional decisions, dilemmas, and burdens that accompany each step and has crafted a comprehensive solution that brings clarity, support, and peace of mind. Surgify proudly presents a holistic and easy solution that simplifies and enriches every step of the process.

We identify the best doctors and hospitals, ensuring that patients receive optimal care tailored to their unique needs. Surgify takes the burden off patients and their families by efficiently handling the task of preparing and submitting necessary documents. You and your family don’t have to face financial stress throughout this entire process.

Our commitment extends to the practicalities, as we help you free yourself from the hassle of paperwork and long queues. Transportation services are arranged to drop patients off and pick them up at the hospital. Surgify is all about helping patients who need surgery, and even if people are unsure if they need a doctor for a specific problem, we offer both online and offline consultation options.

Furthermore, as part of our comprehensive approach to surgical care, we ensure the provision of nourishing meals for both patients and attendants throughout their hospital stay. Moreover, a dedicated ‘Surgify’ representative is readily available to offer unwavering moral and emotional support to the patient’s family, further underscoring our commitment to a holistic and supportive surgical experience.

Surgify has established a strong presence across key locations, including Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Pune, and Nashik. This widespread reach ensures that our comprehensive healthcare solutions are easily accessible to individuals in these areas, allowing us to extend our supportive services to a diverse range of patients and their families

Our mission is not only to guide patients through their surgical journey but to revolutionize the experience entirely. Surgify is not merely a solution; it is a transformational concept that places patients and their families at the heart of the surgical journey.

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About Surgify:

Surgify, founded in 2021, is committed to making the surgical journey easier and more compassionate for patients and their families. At Surgify, we make sure that every step of the patient’s experience is easy and centered around their needs. From finding the right doctor, booking clinic appointments, getting detailed checkups, arranging tests, handling insurance paperwork, getting to and from the hospital on surgery day, managing hospital admission and discharge, to follow-up consultations after surgery, everything’s made simple and thoughtful.


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