Surat food blogger, Vatsal Jariwala AKA the foodiecam sweeps the floor by achieving the title of 100k Followers on Instagram

Surat food blogger Vatsal Jariwala AKA the foodiecam sweeps the floor by achieving the title of 100k Followers on Instagram

Surat, Gujarat: Vatsal Jariwala is the emerging face in the food blogging community of Surat, Gujarat. With his sheer passion for food and the knowledge achieved after putting in the hard work, efforts and time to explore and cover an immense number of places he has finally managed to achieve what he always wanted to – to make a platform dedicated to the love for food.

Food blogging was not up to the mark in Surat back in 2018-2019, and this is where Vatsal realized that he wanted to combine his passion for photography in taking the pictures of food that makes your mouth dribble. The journey was not easy but with a clear saying in his mind “Do what you love, Love what you do” Vatsal started his page by the name “THE FOODIE CAM (a fusion of his two interest’s camera and food), That was the time he started putting in his efforts. 

After getting in the scarce crowd of Food bloggers here in Surat, Vatsal started growing and making his identity with his unique form of presenting the best food of Surat, and soon enough he thought about exploring Gujarat and Places like Indore, Madhya Pradesh and got a very positive response for the same. This hard work was eventually paid off and his blockbuster hit reel of a “Mr. Chai Bike went viral with 33.5 Million Views shared with one of the most known accounts around and got mentions from multiple personalities and brands accounts. Showcasing the power of well-curated content.

Vatsal is now setting up a bar for himself after achieving the benchmark of 100k on Instagram. “If we talk about love or Success, It is never enough for me.”- Says Vatsal Jariwala (The foodie cam). Striving for more he is planning on taking on the title of First food blogger to have the most engagement on the Y.T platform, As he is the owner of the leading and top food blogging page The Foodie cam.

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