Successful Journey from Silence to Speech: Shruti ENT Hospital Celebrate 16 Years of Cochlear Implant Program


Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Dr. Soumitra Shah and the team at Shruti ENT Hospital are elated to announce the completion of 16 years of their Cochlear Implant Program, marking a significant milestone in their journey of transforming lives. Over the past 16 years,the hospital has successfully conducted 1000 cochlear implant surgeries, with substantial support from the government.

The Cochlear Implant Program at Shruti ENT Hospital has not only provided hearing solutions to children with hearing impairment but has also extended support to underprivileged patients. The dedication of the team, along with the generous contributions from donors, has enabled countless families to overcome the challenges associated with hearing disabilities.

Dr. Soumitra Shah emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and intervention in children with hearing impairment. With advancements in technology, early detection through OAE screening allows for timely recommendations and interventions, including cochlear implants, significantly enhancing the quality of life for affected children.

The success of Shruti ENT Hospital’s Cochlear Implant Program underscores the importance of awareness and support for individuals with hearing disabilities in society. Dr. Soumitra Shah and his team remain committed to their mission of bridging the gap between silence and speech, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a world filled with the richness of sound.


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