SOOV – The latest Trendsetter in handcrafted jewellery

SOOV - The latest Trendsetter in handcrafted jewellery

The absolute contentment of our consumers remains the highest focus of our services. Lavanya, who has a prior awareness of the simplicity, aesthetics, and ever-growing culture of fashion in general, as well as jewellery fashion in particular, runs our Jewellery brand autonomously.

SOOV – The latest Trendsetter in handcrafted jewellery. The brand SOOV specialises in unique jewellery designs, most of which are already popular in the market, while others are customised and the others are fusion designs.We aim in offering uncomplicated designs. The jewellery is made up of 90% brass and 10% silver. This assures that the items are rust-free, long-lasting, and of top quality.

All of SOOV’s products are handcrafted. From the raw material suppliers to the jewellery weavers, everything is done by hand. Many methods are developed in-house to achieve various designs. SOOV created the techniques, which are unique to the company. The designer then demonstrates how to employ these techniques to women artisans. SOOV is committed to incorporating countless unemployed women in and around Delhi – NCR by teaching them crafts like hand weaving, which provides them with not only employment and money reward, but also social prestige. These women are offered the opportunity to earn money while taking care of their children and homes while remaining at home.

Our brand is interwoven with the values that its founder, Lavanya Anand, promotes, while making aesthetics that truly represent India to the rest of the world. SOOV has cleared the door for broader adoption of new Indian-inspired fashion rules, as well as a breakthrough in the world of fashion for something as precious as a handmade masterpiece. SOOV is the custodian and protector of the skilled Indian craftsmanship needed to create a faultless, one-of-a-kind product.

To give you an insight about the kind of products we offer, here are the latest collections:

  1. DASTOOR COLLECTION – a collection of handcrafted and modern jewellery with gold matte finish. The pieces are made of pure brass and are of high quality, coupled with Druzy stones, Monalisa Stones and small pearls. It represents the power and confidence of a modern Indian woman. It is a rendition to self-discovery and self-love.
  2. HOOR COLLECTION – a collection of trendy yet traditional jewellery which celebrates women from all walks of life. Our collection is an ode to the diversified culture and ethics in India. HOOR is a collection of long jhumkas and choker sets with pure stone work.
  3. KANAK COLLECTION – a beautiful rendition of Kundan jewellery. Our ethnic Kundan collection is a blend of heritage and modernism. It’s a mash-up of classic and avant-garde aesthetics. We use high-quality alloys and gold polish in our collection.
  4. NAAZ COLLECTION – Our NAAZ Collection showcases the richness of our cultural heritage with a hint of glam to it. A beautiful amalgamation of handcrafted necklaces and earrings, are perfect to be styled up with your denims, sarees, dresses for any party, dinner, formal or festival coming your way.
  5. SIDRA COLLECTION – a beautiful collection of earrings, jhumkas, choker sets and necklace sets. A fusion of traditional and modern designs, SIDRA collection is an ode to the modern Indian woman- one who manages her home as well as her office.
  6. BAZAAR COLLECTION – Our BAZAAR collection ranges from jewellery items like jhumkas, choker sets, earrings, studs, necklace sets, chains, bracelets, ear cuffs to hair accessories like scrunchies and hair clips.

All these latest collections push the envelope of jewellery as a gem and jewellery as a fashion statement. Your opulent appearance now works in tandem with the sincerity of what makes you feel magical. Our services are not limited by time. You can contact us at any time, and we will respond as quickly as possible. As a result, we are committed to building a community of fashionistas, lifestyle aficionados, and anybody else who feels that “a desire fulfilled is a wish worth having.” SOOV’s underlying meaning is this.


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