Shri Nilesh Sambare is executing this sanctified holy yield by preserving humanity for his people, says Dyanesh Maharao, Editor, Chitralekha

Shri Nilesh Sambare is executing this sanctified holy yield by preserving humanity for his people says Dyanesh Maharao Editor Chitralekha

Several dignitaries directed the journalists by describing the Jijau festival. Shri Nilesh Sambare’s blossoming vision has been demonstrated in various Jijau festival programs. They organized cultural programs, and Mr. Dyanesh Maharao, a famous lecturer of eminent journalists, was present. The first blasting youth class was seen engaged for this event.

While interacting with these youths, Dyanesh Maharao said the kids should decide themself first. Even a creature as small as an ant fully uses its child. Those who walk on foot only cover the distance who explain and strive. There is no need for a manly miracle to witness such a goal. But while appreciating the work of Nilesh Sambare, this human being is preserving God’s sacred work, he said about the free hospital.

Bhanudas Pal, Chief Executive Officer of Palghar district, said that students of Jijau Institute are creating an environment where their future is being made. The government is working shoulder to shoulder with the administration activities. It is essential to mention the schemes of the government in general. And with dedication, the government system is changing the mindset of the people and giving a positive attitude to the people here. Palghar Police Officer Balsaheb Patil, who was present while guiding the Acting G.P., said don’t celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, but embrace it. Work to fill the void of your mother to have a fantastic experience. So tell yourself that you should choose your direction by recognizing your potential. It is commendable that Jijau Sanstha is doing the work of movement for the youth.

While Shri Nilesh Sambare, the founder of the member, tried to express himself while communicating. Today, we, the sons of the soil here and the people above are our destiny while we put our rights in the throats of foreigners. Why don’t you dream? We are capable of everything, only patience and perseverance; if we keep our composure and dignity, no one can hold our hand today. We should consider corporations first.

Hemangi Patil, President of Women Empowerment of Tarpal Gharana, said that I have been watching Kante for three years after changing Jijau. In the remote heady here, three children between the ages of zero and five are facing death, and every fifteen days, our mother and sister die after giving birth to each other. This grim reality is heartbreaking. But the reason for this is our ignorance and not our education. Dr. Babasaheb has given us many discussions about whose authority we can claim from both our readers.

Jijau Women Empowerment Head Monipan said, “Don’t get stuck in mobile serials and focus on your wallet here and there. According to your police, you can go on you. Today every woman is, but this ratio is significantly less. Our Marathi women are not wanted in business today; they should also be encouraged.

Many dignitaries were present for this event. A large youth group attended this event.


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