Science rolled into fashion: “Girgit Store.”

Science rolled into fashion:

Children are a beam of bright light in a darkening world. All of us love being around children, right? But making it your profession is what drives me towards Mrs. Pooja Bajaj Shah.

The journey from a teacher to an entrepreneur is farfetched for most people, but she made it seem like a snap. The founder and director of “Girgit Store,” India’s first-ever brand to innovate colour-changing products. Instead of binge-watching, many people saw the quarantine as an opportunity to take up long-delayed projects or start new ones. Pooja, as a professional, knew children’s curiosity about colours. She immediately started working on bringing her idea of science rolled into fashion to life. And after days of research, hundreds of safety precautions for humans and the environment, and immense hard-work Girgit Store, the brand came into existence.

As the name suggests, the products change colour when they come in contact with elements of nature like sunlight, air, or water. People are obsessing over sneakers that change colour when exposed to sunlight. Teenagers and kids are fascinated by shorts that change colour when wet. To catch up with the trend, colour-changing water bottles and sun-activated t-shirts are distributed as unique birthday return gifts at parties and events. Girgit Store has truly become the talk of the town ever since the launch. Being India’s first-ever colour-changing product store, it has captured people’s attention. The brand innovates new products every 3 months, which is based on customer feedback. Products like Sunny Footwear, Water Shorts, Air masks, Sunny t-shirts, watch straps and colour-changing swimming costumes for girls are also available. Girgit has more than 1,000 happy customers, from kids to adults. There is a famous quote ‘Life is about using the whole box of crayons’ and what better way to live it through your wardrobe.

At a tender age, Pooja has achieved milestones as an entrepreneur. The brand offers an affordable and unique purchase with a colour-changing element as a cherry on the top. The manufacturing process is eco-friendly and cruelty-free. This will not only complement your overall look but will satisfy your soul too! The brand’s vision is to see Girgit products in every house and putting a smile on every child’s face. Now we don’t have to think hard about gifting our loved ones or ordering something for ourselves because we know it’s worth it. @girgitstore is a 10/10 recommended account to follow on Instagram to stay updated with all the cool stuff. Fashion has never been so much fun!

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