Saru Mukherjee Sharma takes a jibe over societal hypocrisy with this viral reel

Saru Mukherjee Sharma takes a jibe over societal hypocrisy with this viral reel
Saru Mukherjee Sharma

The festive season 2022 was a breath of fresh air and joy. After 2 long years, people got to celebrate the brightest and most joyous ten days of Navratri and Vijay Dashmi. Social media was taken by a storm of tutorials, recommendations, dance reels, recipes and what not. Among these was a very unique concept that went viral from Saru Mukherjee Sharma. Saru is one of India’s leading mom bloggers who distinguishes herself beyond styling and lifestyle by touching on societal topics. She has talked about financial literacy, mom shaming, breastfeeding, post-partum and now she takes on the irony and hypocrisy of people worshipping goddesses.

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Durga is the ultimate form of Shakti, also referred to as aadhi Shakti, she is what makes Shiv whole. Navratri celebrates the 9 roles of Shakti throughout her life. She is a daughter of Hima and a doted wife. She is also the slayer of mahishasur and a beacon of knowledge, forgiveness, and beauty. A mother and the ultimate Kali, the destructor.

Saru takes on to talk about how we worship these forms and “rupas” of the goddess and yet look down on women, label them as weak when they are dependent on a man for financial needs or tag them to be cold or stone hearted when they are ambitious. “The difference makes it apparent in subtle forms in modern society. You wouldn’t know you are doing something hypocritical until you self-introspect and check your actions. My aim was to call out on this hypocrisy and urge people to self-actualize. You may organize kanya pujan at home, invite them in, wash their feet but continue to rebuke your wife or mom or sister to subtle forms of patriarchy, be it looking down on them when they can’t drive or don’t know how to file taxes, you are far from a devotee”, says Saru.

She further goes on to talk about the same Durga who is a dutiful wife and a generous mother can also become the fearsome kali when time and situation forces her to. Just because they have a shade of kindness apparent, it shouldn’t be confused with submission or weakness.

If you respect your mom, wife, daughter, sister but go on to the Differentiate between the women of your house and family and objectify other females, you are no less.

Saru also became the face of Mia by Tanishq recently through her efforts to always shine light on topics untouched and embracing herself, her roles, flaws, and qualities as is which also encapsulates the brand essence.

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