Richard Barman – An ace Documentary and street photographer you should all know

Richard Barman – An ace Documentary and street photographer you should all know
Richard Barman

Richard Barman is a Documentary and street photographer from India whose street photography captures the beauty of the everyday. His way of seeing the world and with a special improvisatory skill, he brings empathy to his images, capturing a softness and compassion. The uniqueness of street photography is capturing moments everyone can see but only a few really notice and Richard Barman is one of them. He is not just aware of his surrounding but his eyes are also trained to see the unusual in the usual and that makes him stand apart from the noise.

He began his photographic journey in early 2016 when he acquired his first camera, a Nikon DSLR. Then, after finishing 12th grade, He enrolled in Delhi College of Photography’s professional photography program. Back then, he exclusively shot events like concerts and took very little landscape photography, but as he progressed through his professional training, his interest in documentary and street photography began to grow.

In the words of Richard Barman “For me, Documentary and street photography give me a sense of freedom to express my thoughts about society showing the true and real sides of our everyday life. It’s candid photography and for me I also feel at times that it’s not necessary to always include people in your images, at times playing with colors, shadows, lights, buildings, and different objects can also make great street Photographs.”

Through his lenses, Richard has also captured images of the streets in Delhi and Guwahati. It also features images of drug users and addicts as well as pictures of darker subjects. In fact, the dismal images always depict the dark, frequently unspoken-about side of our society. It makes us consider addiction as a social problem, which is a never-before-seen side of society, and it demonstrates the hardships of an addict’s existence. Indeed, Depth is a strong element in his works, as he is a master in capturing serendipitous moments.

Needless to mention, street photography is one of the most challenging and exciting genres of photography. Richard’s photos, get into the mind of his followers and remains eternal for life. At times due to the moments of sorrow and pain, a disaster that is happening in the world, usual human interaction in our society or even a moment of everyday life. Being half a decade of experience in the field of photography, Richard’s photographs show us what perfection means. His stunning images has also seized the essence of city life and his work is truly inspirational.

Richard Barman’s photos have been exhibited in the 4th & 5th editions of the Chania festival in Chania, Greece. One of his photos was featured on NatGeo Hungary’s website too.


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