Rajat Chauhan: The Lime Light which will make you stumble upon happiness

Rajat Chauhan: The Lime Light which will make you stumble upon happiness
Rajat Chauhan

The aura one possesses affects the aura of his surroundings and the people too. Rajat Chauhan, born and brought up in Delhi, is a classic and a fantastic comedian of the era. Having a record of 700 shows and counting, Rajat Chauhan has made his existence defined briefly in every stance he acquires.

Rajat Chauhan is an engineer by artist and a comedian by art. The passion and dedication that he possesses will make one wonder about his source of such sublime authenticity which is reflected in his work. Rajat Chauhan is a name that is attached to every appraise in the comedy industry. Getting known to families and the corporate world, Rajat Chauhan has made his mark.

Rajat Chauhan is a seeker. He is one of the most creatively witty brains who appraises the talent he gets to praise. Being a Bollywood lover, Rajat Chauhan adores and admires Shah Rukh Khan for his grace, his wit, his intellect, and the charm he rules, and Nitin Gupta for his rare comedy, and the aroma of focus he outs in it.

Coming a long way, deciding to follow after his passion and dream of being a comedian, Rajat Chauhan, an engineer, had to face many ups and downs but he emerged out of the swamp, blooming elegantly as ever. The 8 long years which he has given to his passion has all been worth it from the start. Having done so much live shows and interactions, he holds the promise of confidence that his stance and his performance will undoubtedly be the highlight of anyone’s day.

With the tinge of flavor from every path of generation, Rajat Chauhan creates family friendly shows, dictating a new and an iconic brand of comedy, himself being the face of it. Having life as his mentor, Rajat Chauhan is all ever ready to increase his already increasing family with grace, love and laughter.

Be a part of his large family through the following link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCxMDGaw3tMLHdH-ZUU4173A


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