RailMitra introduced pre-book train meal feature amid festive rush

RailMitra introduced pre-book train meal feature amid festive rush

Rail information tracking AI-enabled platform, RailMitra has introduced an exclusive section to Pre-book meals for the train trip. The announcement has come amid the rush on trains due to upcoming festivals Diwali and Chhath. The Pre-book feature will allow travellers to book food on train before the journey date, just like booking a ticket in advance.

With the pre-booking feature, RailMitra allows passengers to book various cuisines on train, including veg-combos, paneer dishes, Chinese cuisines, pizza, burger, thalis, non-veg food, regional delicacies, desserts, and cake. Passengers can also pre-book their festival feasts while travelling to their home on Diwali and Chhath.

Moreover, the feature also allows people to pre-book food if any elder person is travelling alone on the train. It will also help those people who want to surprise their loved ones with food on train services. Besides, the Pre-order meal feature will ensure rail travellers’ stress free journey. As, it will save the passenger from booking train food by being on the train when hunger hits at the hardest.

“We all plan our train trip in advance, book tickets, pack our essentials, make a list of what we will do on the trip. Why not book food for the trip in advance? RailMitra’s exclusive feature allows passengers to do so. With its pre-book meal feature, passengers can book breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner on the train for their short or long train trip in advance and plan their journey more efficiently,” said one of the co-founders of RailMitra.

Moreover, on RailMitra, there is a special discount offer on pre-booking train meals. If passengers pre-book their food with RailMitra, they can get up to 20% discount and free food delivery on the train.

In addition, with RailMitra, passengers can check the PNR status of the train ticket, live train running stations, train schedules, trains between two stations, live station train arrival & departure, seat availability, train fare and other railway-related information easily. The app is dedicated to making train journeys convenient and planning passenger-friendly.

Introducing pre-booking meals is another example of easing the train trip. To pre-book a train meal, passengers just need to provide a PNR number on the rail-enquiry app, explore the RailMitra food menu list, choose their favourite food and proceed with payment methods to book their food on the train and enjoy it on their journey date.

Notably, RailMitra is the most trustworthy rail-enquiry app, available on the play store with 4.5-star ratings. Its PNR status prediction holds 99% accuracy. Till date, the app has delivered food in over 10,000 trains. Moreover, The app’s online food services are available at 450+ railway stations.

You can install the app to book your meal and get railway-related information online to plan your train trip in advance. Besides the app, passengers can also use the RailMitra website and customer care number to pre-book their meal on the train.


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