Pune Police Joins Hands with The Lexicon International School, Wagholi, for ‘Nirbhay Vidyarthi Abhiyaan’

Pune Police Joins Hands with The Lexicon International School Wagholi for 'Nirbhay Vidyarthi Abhiyaan'

Pune, (Maharashtra) [India]: The Lexicon International School, Wagholi, took the lead in hosting the “Nirbhay Vidyarthi Abhiyaan,” an initiative by the Pune Police aimed at promoting child safety. The event witnessed participation from schools under the Lonikand jurisdiction, with esteemed principals, representatives from various schools, and distinguished police officers coming together to support this important endeavour. The session aimed at raising awareness about child safety and encompassed initiatives to extend support to students and schools.

The highlight of the event was the assignment of a “Police Kaka” or “Police Didi” to all schools and colleges which is surely a thoughtful initiative. These dedicated police personnel will act as an integral part of the school community, providing support to students and will thereby instil a sense of security and ensure that every student feels safe.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President of The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman and MD of Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror, and MultiFit, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We are determined to create a fortress of security for our students, where their dreams can flourish without fear. The introduction of Police Kaka and Police Didi is a remarkable step towards empowering our students and ensuring their well-being. Together, we will build a future where no child feels unsafe or unheard.”

The Nirbhay Vidyarthi Abhiyaan event aimed at developing fearless students who are aware of their rights and capable of handling discomfort or emergency situations. As part of this initiative, all students will have access to the contact numbers of the assigned Police Kaka or Didi. They can reach out to them not only in emergencies but also in cases of discomfort or concern. Complaints can be reported anonymously, and students have the option to record them verbally. They discussed critical topics such as drug consumption and sex education and also highlighted the importance of sensitizing the entire school, support team, including bus attendants and transport personnel, to create a holistic approach to child safety.

Mrs. Anju Luthra, Deputy Director of The Lexicon Schools expressed her dedication to child safety, stating, “We strive to create a nurturing environment where every student feels secure and empowered. The collaboration with the Pune Police for the Nirbhay Vidyarthi Abhiyaan is a testament of our commitment to their well-being, ensuring they can learn and thrive fearlessly.”

A comprehensive session conducted by Mr. Vishwajeet Kaingade, Senior Police Inspector, was truly impactful. Mr. Kaingade shared valuable insights and strategies to ensure the safety of students and school staff. Speaking at the event, he stated, “It is our responsibility as law enforcement officers to create an environment where every student feels secure. By assigning a Police Kaka or Didi to schools and colleges, we bridge the gap between the police department and the education system, fostering trust and confidence among the students. We want students to focus on their education and not be distracted by feeling insecure in sensitive situations like bullying and teasing.”

The Lexicon Schools firmly believe that a safe and secure environment is crucial for effective learning and growth. The Pune Police initiative, the Nirbhay Vidyarthi Abhiyaan, has taken a significant step towards ensuring child safety. This initiative will have a lasting impact on the lives of students and the entire school community, promoting a sense of security and well-being for all.


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