Peace pervades within the human being and not in any materialistic object: Pavan Sindhi

Peace pervades within the human being and not in any materialistic object: Pavan Sindhi
Pavan Sindhi

Ahmedabad, (Gujarat) [India]: Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has said that the best way to find yourself is to devote yourself in the service of others. He believes that service to humanity is the biggest noble work. Similarly, our entire Indian culture shows the spirit of service, dedication and harmony. Inspired by this ideology, Shri Pavan Kumar Prakashbhai Sindhi of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is determined to dedicate maximum time of his life in the service of the people. In his opinion, the human service done by him will reflect his personality.

Pavan bhai Sindhi originally belongs to Gujarat who lives with his mother Jayaben Sindhi and wife Janvi Sindhi and their two children after the demise of his father Prakashbhai Sindhi. Pavanbhai, who edicated his entire life for the betterment of the society, believes that if people understand the true meaning of life about human services, then their lives will become meaningful.

Since 10 years, Shri Pavanbhai Sindhi has been working for the revival of peace, harmony and brotherhood among the people of Gujarat as well as all over world.

His desire is to develop equality and spiritual consciousness in the life of every individual. He believes that serving the people is the biggest human religion. Because, all human beings are made up of five elements in the same form, which is powered by divine energy. Hence, there shouldn’t be any place for discrimination or conflict with each other.

Pavanbhai Sindhi believes that materialism and the desire to flaunt off material things have become a significant part of today’s society. This is the major cause of unhappiness. Generally, people believe that money is necessary for peace in life, but if you think deeply, you will come to know that peace have nothing to do with prosperity.

When a Saint starts thinking about the welfare of others, then he starts getting peace Without Prosperity. In this context, there are good lines by Suresh Singhal, “Ek baat sikhayi hamey annkho ki neet ne, insaan ko pit kar diya insaan ki pid ne. Chidiyon ko chugte dekh raha tha ki achanak, haskar katora phek diya ek faqir ne.”

And for this consciousness, inclination towards spirituality plays a big role. Pavanbhai says that, the importance of humanity and life, which impressed me a lot, started with “satsang”. Stating about his childhood memories, he says that “Since childhood, I was never interested in studies. His parents always used to take him “satsang”, from where his inclination towards spirituality increased, which gradually became more and more intense.”

In the early 90s, when the Ram Janmabhoomi movement geared up in the country, he coincidentally joined the RSS after coming in contact with Ashok Singhal ji, the Hindu hriday samrat of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the leader of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. After that, the feeling of national interest and welfare got rooted in him more deeply.

Pavanbhai wants that every person must prepare himself to face every challenge because time never remains the same. As human beings, in difficult times, every individual should come forward and help each other. He further reiterates that, if you keep waiting for good times to come, then there won’t be any time left for life. Most of the human beings tries to find peace outside, unaware of the fact that peace pervades within the human being and not in any materialistic object.

To identify peace, people should attend the “Satsang”, which will be beneficial for the whole society. If everyone lives their life for themselves, then there will not be any difference between human beings and beast.


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