Naturopathy Doctor awarded as Mrs.Universe Confident 2023


Dr.Syeda Afshan Nayeem, was donned with Mrs. Universe Confident 2023 award to mark her maiden international accolade at Manila, Philippines. She is a doctor by profession and a social entrepreneur by passion. An enthusiastic advocate of therapeutic Naturopathy & Yoga, a staunch believer in spirituality and self-healing, Dr Syeda Afshan emphasizes on physical & emotional wellness for optimal productivity. 

Her remarkable journey from winning Mrs.INDIA Galaxy 2022 held in New Delhi to Mrs Universe 2023 held in Manila Philippines recently, has been a source of inspiration for many women who are not able to step out of their comfort zone to bring a positive change. 

Dr.Syeda Afshan believes “A person’s Success is a result of his or her own confidence and fortitude”. 

She said “It is an understatement to say that we could convey any message on an international platform without this trait, OUR CONFIDENCE. Every confident woman stands out, and that is an extremely helpful tool. It helps propagate your message effectively’. 

“Every woman should stay consistently confident in facing their lives and it’s challenges. That’s what makes life worth living. I am very happy about the award and would dedicate this to my predecessors who have spent their lives in liberating women in all parts of the world.” she added further.

It was a strong, noteworthy presentation on the forum for prevention of domestic violence against women by Dr Syeda Afshan which was imperative in her victory. She would now work towards attaining her goal on this social reform, amongst others.

Mrs.INDIA Galaxy pageant has been working on the important social cause to Stop Violence Against Women for the past many years. Married women from different parts of India get a platform to showcase their talents and improve their skills. It’s a woman opportunity to become a better version of herself and get a voice to drive positive change. Every year winners from this prestigious pageant represent India at International platforms after undergoing guided personality groomings and trainings. 


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