Multifit Unveils “I am MultiFit” Campaign, Showcases Unique Masterclasses and Fitness Challenges


Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: Multifit, a pioneer in the fitness industry, has recently announced its latest campaign, “I am MultiFit,” running from October 9th to November 8th, 2023. This engaging initiative encompasses a diverse range of activities, combining unique masterclasses and invigorating fitness challenges to promote holistic well-being.

 The fitness challenges commence on 9th October from Cardio to Mobility as the theme on 30th October, propelling participants to engage in these challenges on specific Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the campaign period.

Multifit has come up with an array of invigorating masterclasses designed to cater to diverse fitness enthusiasts. The masterclasses begin from October 14th, Saturday, at Multifit Kharadi, the campaign kicks off with a dynamic Plogathon and Street Play event.

On October 21st, Multifit Wadgaon Sheri hosts “Parenting 101” from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, providing valuable insights into effective parenting strategies. The fitness journey continues on October 28th at Multifit Wadgaon Sheri with “Pet Yoga.” This unique session is scheduled for 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Participants can immerse themselves in the rejuvenating practice of yoga alongside their furry companions. This special session will be hosted in collaboration with Pawga, India’s first pet yoga experience for a cause.

“Pawga has pioneered puppy yoga in India and we are excited about the collaboration with MultiFit. All the puppies that would be the part of the session are up for adoption and fostering programs from local animal shelters. This is a way to show that puppies are ready for adoption to meet its new parents. We hope this collaboration with MultiFit will be beneficial for the little furr babies”, said Sinduja Krishnakumar, Cofounder of Pawga

Closing the masterclass series on November 4th at Multifit Kharadi is “Beyond the Binary – Gender Sensitization,” commencing at 9 AM. This session aims to foster awareness and understanding of gender-related issues, contributing to a more inclusive community.

“The journey of fitness is very personal and unique to each one of us. This thought is the genesis of the series of unique set of fitness challenges as part of the ‘I am MultiFit’ challenge that we are launching from 9th October to 8th November. We have inculcated various workout routines focused on building agility, flexibility,  strength and on some very special themes for per lovers, parents, and around gender sensitization. For us, fitness is versatile and does not discriminate amongst beings”, said Deepti Sharma, Director (Multifit).

In conjunction with the fitness challenges, Multifit believes in the power of a multifaceted approach to fitness, recognizing that overall well-being is a combination of physical, mental, and emotional health. The “I am MultiFit” campaign invites individuals to join this enriching experience, fostering a sense of community and inspiring a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

Multifit is a leading fitness brand dedicated to providing a diverse range of fitness solutions. With a commitment to holistic well-being, Multifit offers innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive community that fosters a culture of health and fitness.


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