Mesha Energy acquires patent for its battery performance and enhancement technology in India

Mesha Energy acquires patent for its battery performance and enhancement technology in India

Known for its innovative product solutions, leading tech firm- Mesha Energy Solutions seeks to double the life of batteries currently used for EV applications like e-rickshaw & two-wheelers

M/s Mesha Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd is pleased to announce the grant of Patent by the government of India for its path-breaking technology for enhancing the performance of the batteries which will play a significant role in the country’s journey towards green technology. The technology is battery agnostic and can be easily embraced by all types of battery manufacturers including Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion, and Sodium-ion batteries, etc. The technology enables the batteries to not only accept very high charging currents but also enables the batteries to withstand very high surge currents during discharge. The use of this technology shall enable even Lead Acid Batteries which are currently used for multiple EV applications like Erickshaw & two-wheelers for fast charging (2X), range enhancement (1.5X) along with the increase in current service life (2X). The technology has been tested extensively under strenuous field conditions on India Roads and has also been certified by the National Accredited Laboratories of India. The technology has already found acceptance by some leading OEMs and battery manufacturers in India.

Speaking on this proud moment, Dr. P Sridhar, chief scientist, Mesha Energy Solutions has said, “Our sincere efforts and hard work for the last 5 years have led to the recognition of this path-breaking technology.”

“Solutions offered by us would address the current issues that are being faced by the battery industry and even enhance the performance of the conventional batteries. We would continue our pursuit for further enhancing India’s ecosystem for green energy by developing newer technologies suitable for Indian conditions.” Commented, Kannankote Sriram, Founder & Board Member of Mesha Inc.

About Mesha Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd:

Mesha Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, is an energy storage technology company based in Bangalore and is a 100% subsidiary of Mesha INC, USA.


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