Maya Darpan creators Mahakala Production shared the first poster of the social drama film “Maya Darpan”, to be released in the first week of July

Maya Darpan creators Mahakala Production shared the first poster of the social drama film
Maya Darpan film official poster

Here is the new film Maya Darpan: A Sacrifice poster that was released today. Maya Darpan was shot in the background of the Indian State of Odisha. In the film’s poster, shared by the makers, the lead actress can be seen hiding half of her face. The film is written by Ranjan Kumar Das and directed by Rajeeb Mohanty. The Hindi version of the film is going to be released in a theater near you in the first week of July 2022.

The message of our film Maya Darpan, according to Maya Darpan film producer Jharana Samal, is that the beauty of a mother is not in her body or face, but in her pure soul with an affectionate heart.

Some of the lead stars in the film Maya Darpan are:

Prativa Panda

Kuna Tripathy

Jeevan Panda



Pradyumna Lenka

Ratan Meher




After a tough year at the box office, the Indian film industry is stepping into 2022 with a lot of hope and positivity. Indian regional filmmakers are leading the way to protect the cinema-going experience by gearing up to release some big movies.

Over the years, the Odia film industry, also known as Ollywood, has been one of the hidden gems of Indian cinema. The regional film industry has dedicated itself to producing movies that have a meaningful purpose. Odia-language films have received critical and commercial success for their authentic content and creative storytelling since their inception in 1936.

Going further, the producer of the Maya Darpan Jharana Samal said, “Our film has been shot in the temple city of Puri, which is known for the awe-inspiring Jagannath Temple.” “Puri is one of the most visited cities in the state of Odisha.” This city is considered to be one of the four Dhammas, the other three being Badrinath, Rameswar, and Dwarika. Because this year the Jagannath Rath Yatra is starting on July 1st, we are going to release our film Maya Darpan on this auspicious occasion.

She added that if you look at the South Indian regional language movies dubbed in Hindi featuring local stars, they are increasingly taking a substantial share of the Hindi box office sweepstakes. We have also dubbed our film in Hindi to reach the maximum audience in India. Because I believe, through my film Maya Darpan, we are sending a beautiful message to our audience. This film is family entertainment, so I am sure the family audience will reach the theater to watch this film.

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