LASHIKA: an Indian skincare brand created for every Indian skin type

LASHIKA: an Indian skincare brand created for every Indian skin type

There is no dearth of skin-care brands in India, thus when the founders at LASHIKA decided to launch a skin-care range they knew it had to be unique. The team put in over two years of research before they came up with a product portfolio that would take India by storm.

We spoke to Mr Rajesh Bhandari, the founder of Lashika on the key USPs of this brand. He says, “The Indian sub-continent has temperature variations from -4 degrees to up to +40 degrees. While travelling, I noticed my wife carrying bags of products and not forgetting the variety of stock at home. It came to light that while one product worked well in certain weather, it wasn’t as effective in another. From here it was easy to strategize and build a foundation that enabled our products to be used from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with the same efficacy.”

Lashika is also India’s only skincare brand that has adopted the tagline “No Harm Skincare”. While the products are completely manufactured in India, they have been formulated by skincare experts in India and Canada. Every product is free from harsh chemicals and animal testing.

“We take great pride in saying that every product is first tested on our family before we roll it out in the market. Our parents, life partners and kids use our products extensively and give us feedback. The team then goes back to the drawing board, tweaks the formulation, designs a new batch and tests again. This ensures that we have the best in quality before we open up our stock for the market,” says Adarsh Kumar, the President of the Consumer Division.

Lashika also has a very unique marketing strategy, they focus on the retail segment of the market before they all go out online. This enables them to build a closer relationship with the consumers, gather ideas and build more products based on the same. They can gather their market intelligence directly from consumers and do not rely blindly on market research reports published.

“Customer is key” is the mantra the entire team works for. Every feedback received online and offline is attended to personally by the management team and is catered to with diligence.

Lashika today offers over thirty-two products in skincare which is growing each day. After the incredible success of their “Anti-Pollution” series in 2021, they wish to announce the launch of their new product range “Sayonara” which is specially designed keeping the teenager’s skin in mind. “Skincare is gender agnostic, whether you are a young man or a lady, you need to take care of your skin,” says Jashwant Kumar Gupta, AGM – HR of the Consumer Division who also plays a key role in the strategy for new products.

Lashika is set to grow and reach the audience across India. They are open to discussions on retailing and distribution across the country and in all cities.

“With mid-range price points, our products are great quality for prices that are pocket friendly, thus our market is as big in tier one cities as it is in tier two cities. We do not shy away from being a brand that is accessible to all we are proud of it” confirms the founder Mr Rajesh Bhandari.

So, no matter what your skin type, if you wish to have a product that you can use without worrying about the side effects head to your nearest Lashika counter or look us up on, Amazon and Flipkart.

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