Kaveri Jajal: An Eagle Soaring High In The Sky With The Wings Of Writing

Kaveri Jajal : An Eagle Soaring High In The Sky With The Wings Of Writing
Kaveri Jalal

Even if the writer writes down his own feelings on paper, he is unknowingly giving a lot to society.  Everyone who writes is a writer, but the one whose writing the reader learns to live is a real writer and one such writer is Kaveri Jajal.

Kaveri is Graduated (B.Com) and she started writing at the age of five. She has written a lot of poems so far. She is so good at poetry that she has written more than a hundred poems and won prizes. She also writes various Inspiring Storys and songs. Recently, a song was written by Kaveri Jalal ‘Gilhari’ has been published and it is getting a very good response from the audience. She has teamed up with film director Sarvadnya Kulkarni and Flying Script Films to date. Kaveri is exploring many genes in writing in favor of filmmaking.

Kaveri Jajal has reached here with the help of pen and paper because of the author’s basis, the closest thing is that, without pen and paper it is incomplete. Day by day she goes through one stage of success with the help of her writing skills.

It is like learning from other girls that she is constantly cherishing her passion and is determined to do something different.

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