Introducing The Absolute Journey: Redefining Luxury Travel


The Absolute Journey is a pioneer in the world of luxury travel, offering bespoke, tailor-made holidays that cater to discerning travellers seeking exclusive experiences and personalized service.

Founded by Leena and Pradeep Noronha in Bengaluru in 2016, The Absolute Journey’s mission is to redefine the concept of luxury travel by crafting personalized experiences and offering unmatched attention to detail. With over 30 years of collective industry experience and deep insider knowledge, the founders noticed a significant gap in the market. Large travel companies focusing on group trips failed to deliver customised service and understand a traveller’s needs – and that’s where The Absolute Journey stepped in. Intuitive service and a commitment to excellence at every stage of travel are the cornerstones of The Absolute Journey.

The company’s biggest strength is their outstanding team of expert travel designers. With an in-depth knowledge of global destinations, inside access to hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences, and a commitment to go above and beyond to deliver, no ask is too big. Whether it’s a mid-air proposal in a hot air balloon or the ultimate adventure in the Arctic, The Absolute Journey can make it happen.

The Absolute Journey Services

  • Bespoke Tours: Tailor-made travel experiences, meticulously crafted to match each client’s unique desires.
  • Exclusive Access: Insider connections to extraordinary destinations and events.
  • Unparalleled Luxury: Opulent accommodations, fine dining, and seamless transportation.
  • Private Jet Journeys: Soar to exclusive destinations in the lap of luxury, with private jet experiences that redefine the art of travel.

Vision and Values

The Absolute Journey envisions a world where travel transcends the ordinary. Our core values include:

  • Personalization: Every journey is as unique as the traveller themselves.
  • Exclusivity: Access to places and experiences reserved for a select few.
  • Sustainability: A commitment to responsible travel and preservation of our planet’s beauty.
  • Quality Service: Anticipating the client’s every need to provide service with connection and empathy
  • Cultural Knowledge: Showcasing the best of each destination’s culture, allowing clients to truly immerse themselves in the places they visit.
  • Teamwork: A collaborative and positive work culture where our people are valued and add value.


For further information, please contact The Absolute Journey at 080-46520999 or [email protected]


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