Imprint AI: Your companion for the ideal workforce management

Imprint AI Your companion for the ideal workforce management

For any given venture, irrespective of its niche or size, optimum workforce management is integral. Today’s world has become highly digitised, especially if we consider the post-pandemic world. It goes without saying that the holistic business fraternity is becoming increasingly digital with the passage of time. Further, the market is dynamic. It is constantly evolving in order to meet the changing needs of the consumers with the change in time. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the workforce management and development of a venture at par in order to obtain an edge over the competitors. Regardless of the size or industry, companies require a workforce management solution. This can be best achieved with the right kind of workforce automation crm software. 

The right kind of workforce automation crm software provides a centralised platform to the business managers and the sales team so that customer interaction, daily tasks, and visits can be prioritised accurately. A proper workforce automation crm software reduces the workload by automating several tedious works so that the primary energy of the employees can be channelised towards generating more leads and achieving a higher sales target which is inevitably the goal of every venture. Every venture seeks an enhancement in terms of productivity in order to generate more sales and acquire more profit.

The idea behind Imprint AI was to meet the challenges of contemporary business using the latest technologies and ensure optimised workforce management.

IMPRINT AI LLC is a SaaS product company run by alumni from premier schools who are passionate about using the latest technologies like AI-ML to solve workforce management problems in today’s digitally-driven business landscape. We have created a new-age workforce automation solution.

IMPRINT is different, it does not merely focus on any one aspect, but it focuses on holistic productivity of any given company.

IMPRINT enhances productivity and enables 360-degree monitoring of field force. Some of the significant capabilities & features of IMPRINT include: 

  • IMPRINT goes far beyond simple tracing of coordinates and offers innovative modules that simplify the life of business managers with attendance management, expense management, knowledge base, and lead management.
  • It offers VOIP calling feature with a power dialler wherein a dedicated number can be used for inbound and outbound calls by the sales team, thereby capturing all leads and responding promptly to clients anywhere on the globe. 
  • Complete customer-sales agent communication is covered and available for audit as well as future use & planning.
  • It enables communication via integrated video conferencing to internal (within a team) and external (with clients).
  • The intelligent e-mail tracking and cross-platform communication features ensure that customer interaction over the entire range of platforms (website, social media, LinkedIn, etc.) is captured, and no leads are lost.
  • Provides better resource planning & workforce optimization with the help of business intelligence generated using AI and deep learning technology. Access to sales reports, insights into the sales pipeline, and forecast analysis are available at your fingertips.
  • The field workforce is empowered to quickly respond to clients, optimise routes and avail 24X7 help during client visits. Automation results in huge time saving, higher sales, reduction in operation costs, and 15-30% enhancement inefficiency of the entire team. 
  • Another essential feature of Imprint that comes up as a lifesaver, Imprint’s social media fetch, A brand new feature by Imprint, the social media fetch. One of the prominent problems is that when someone needs information regarding a prospective or a new client, they need to search through all the social media handles meticulously. With Imprint, all the information regarding the social handles of an individual can be fetched in the app, making workforce management all the more convenient. With Imprint, one can be better equipped with all the requisite information regarding a client beforehand and be better prepared to handle important meetings and daily client visits. 

IMPRINT’s future roadmap includes a powerful 360-degree approach that not only manages the field workforce but also enables background verification and monitoring of in-office employees using our advanced video-based verification and collaboration tools. IMPRINT aims to eventually allow virtual client visits from a centralised location to reduce time & travel expenses further and enhance ROI manifold.

Imprint AI is an ever-expanding and dynamic product that will allow easier business and effectively combat all the challenges. All of these features are further available at a reasonable and an affordable rate. Therefore, if one intends to choose the finest workforce management solution at an affordable rate, Imprint AI is the answer.

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