‘He is the God of all religions’, stated senior social worker Awantika during a seminar on Lord Parashuram’s life

‘He is the God of all religions’ stated senior social worker Awantika during a seminar on Lord Parashuram's life
Awantika, Social Worker

Recently a seminar was organized on the life of Lord Parshuram in Noida by the Delhi chapter of the All India Brahmin Mahasabha (R) where Awantika, a senior social work professional, attended the lecture as the chief guest. She explained in detail about the numerous aspects of Lord Parashurama’s life at this time, saying that it would be incorrect to argue that God is solely the God of Brahmins because God belongs to all castes and religions.

She added that God belongs to all classes and religions, hence it would be incorrect to say that he is solely the God of Brahmins on this occasion while going into great depth on various aspects of Lord Parashuram’s life. She described Lord Parashurama’s life in detail, claiming that he was a brilliant teacher, learned, just, obstinate, and sober. He was a great master of Shastra Vidya (the science of weapons). He is referred to be the guru of all these great individuals since he taught weapons and scriptures to Bhishma Pitamah, Guru Dronacharya, and Karna.

She claimed that Lord Parashuram was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He lived during the last Treta and Dvapara Yugas and is one of the Chiranjivi (Immortals) of Hinduism.  Lord Parshuram pleased Lord Shiva by performing rigorous Tapasya and hence received many weapons. Shiva had instructed him in the most challenging martial technique, “Kalaripayattu.” He had also been given divine weaponry and countless gods’ weapons by Shiva’s blessing. Lord Shiva personally trained Parashuram for decades in the art of warfare. Shantanu Shukla also spoke on this show and also covered Shri Parashuram’s life.

Awantika, a well-known social worker, focuses on improving society’s overall well-being while contributing to meeting the fundamental and complicated requirements of communities and individuals. Awantika, a social work professional, is able to sense the needs of the people she works with and strives to improve every person’s quality of life. She is dedicated to helping all levels of society, with a special emphasis on the vulnerable, oppressed, and underprivileged. She was able to change people’s lives on an individual basis while simultaneously having an impact on the community, which allowed her to continue serving as a source of encouragement and inspiration for future generations.

Awantika strives to serve others as best she can through her initiatives, with a preference for the improvement of society. In addition to that, she serves as the honorary advisor for the Sports Academy Association of India.

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