Have you seen those Red and Black three wheeler tempos running around the city?


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India]: Why do our city’s summers get unbearable every year? Why it suddenly rains and washes our garba plans every year? Why is hanging out at our city’s Sabarmati riverfront no longer fun? Aapnu Ahmedabad is 6th among 60 cities in producing plastic waste in India. 370 metric tons are produced in Ahmedabad daily, of which 43% of the plastic wasted is used for packaging purposes. So why are we ignoring this? Too many pointers indicating that plastic waste is a problem, but what could be the solution? Why do we waste plastic when we can refill? 

Clefill, a D2C e-commerce startup launched in December 2022, offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for household products. Customers can order laundry detergents, dish wash liquid, hand wash, and more through their website – www.clefill.com or WhatsApp@7217217575. The products are delivered and refilled on the same day, reducing plastic waste and saving money. Customers can use their existing containers or purchase a new one from Clefill for future refills. With a commitment to sustainability, Clefill aims to create a cleaner world beyond our doorstep.

Let’s reflect on our choices as a society. Refilling can help the environment. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Prioritize sustainability over convenience, turning trash into treasure, and nurturing a healthier world. Together, through conscious consumption and sustainable practices, we can make a profound impact and preserve our one and only EARTH.

Packaging is the face of the brand, but in India, it’s also the face of plastic pollution. This business model is inspired by the common Indian practice of repurposing. This is a new sustainable commerce model that gradually cut the production of liquid product packaging, giving a smarter and better solution for the customers and our planet. We at Clefill are waging war against our throw-away culture and providing a product at the customer’s doorstep that can clean your house and our world” said Clefill team.

By offering this simple yet unique solution of providing refill service at the customer’s doorstep, we can together create a community of like-minded people who can choose more sustainable ways of cleaning and make this world a better place to live. 

To conclude, we can either be a part of a problem or a solution. What will you choose? 


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