From Humble Beginnings to Empowering Millions: The Inspiring Journey of Tushar Shah  

Tushar Shah, dedicated educator, consultant, accomplished author, Shah Computer Class
Tushar Shah

Tushar Shah’s incredible journey from a humble background to becoming an inspiration for millions showcases the power of determination and perseverance. At the age of 15, he left his studies and started working on his father’s recommendation. Despite working in unrelated fields, he followed his inner voice and attempted the 10th exam, eventually clearing it after applying for rechecking. This pivotal moment ignited his desire for higher education, leading him to achieve degrees like M. Com, MSW, and PGDCA.

Facing limited job opportunities after his education, he embraced his friend’s suggestion and embarked on a career taking computer classes. With the help of a government loan (Bajpayee loan), he started with a single computer and envisioned offering various courses. However, he eventually honed his focus on specialization, specializing in educating people on Income Tax, GST, and TDS. Alongside his teaching, he established his own consultancy. Tushar firmly believes in the power of self-belief and hard work as the keys to success.


Not only is Tushar Shah a dedicated educator and consultant, but he is also an accomplished author, having written books on GST, Taxation, and Excel. He has even received a World record for his contributions to employment creation in the field of accounting. A total of 850 companies are tied up with Mr. Tushar Shah. Further, it’s a cherry on the cake for the students as Shah Computer places candidates regularly, to these companies. Till date, 1900 candidates have received job opportunities in less than 30 months. He also writes regular articles in the Smart Business News and regularly participates in the popular Talk Show, GTPL where the latest updates on GST, and Income Tax are discussed that also provides awareness. Tushar’s achievements continue to inspire today’s youth, and he actively engages with his audience through various platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Long term vision

He desires knowledge to be transcended the geographical barriers and individuals are able to get quality training across the country. He focuses on imparting practical knowledge to students & Working Professional, departing from the traditional approach of universities that predominantly emphasize theoretical knowledge. This approach facilitates students understanding of real-world scenarios and experiences.

Join the transformative journey and unlock your potential with Tushar Shah! Experience the power of self-belief and hard work as you embark on a path of education and empowerment. Visit the website today ( You can also get connected with him through social media like various platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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