Enhance your luxury car’s performance with Car Medikal’s premium quality spare parts


Car Medikal, a trusted source for luxury automotive needs, catering to garage owners, mechanics, and enthusiasts with essential components. The Mumbai-based business is an online e-commerce portal where dealers, distributors, suppliers, and car owners buy premium spare parts. Its founders, Uqba Qureshi and Juneed Khan, respectively, give their expertise in the luxury automotive parts industry and IT background, which also helps to build strong brand recognition and positive consumer feedback.

The company strongly emphasises quality, collaborating with reputable partners to ensure customers receive high-quality parts that meet their specifications. Whether customers need a replacement part or want to enhance their vehicle’s performance, Car Medikal covers them.

With a dedicated support team, the brand provides exceptional service throughout the customer’s journey. The company aims to revolutionise car part sourcing and has gained popularity since its launch in February 2023. The company’s website and social media presence are booming, with plans to enter the international market soon.

Their exclusive specialisation in luxury car parts and commitment to top-notch customer service set them apart from other brands. Their focus on luxury car parts, outstanding customer service, and vision for global expansion make them a distinctive and reputable choice in the automotive industry.

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for quality parts and embrace the convenience of Car Medikal. Whether you are a car owner, garage owner, or automotive enthusiast, the user-friendly platform can connect you with the needed parts. 

Visit their website https://carmedikal.com/ now and revolutionise your luxury car part-sourcing journey with Car Medikal!


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