Dr. Husam Arafeh: The most Handsome Dentist of Jordan

Dr. Husam Arafeh: The most Handsome Dentist of Jordan
Dr. Husam Arafeh

When you look at this handsome, well built, 27 years old model, influencer and Dentist from Jordan, he just seems to be like any young sassy guy with a handsome body and class in his soul, but Entrepreneur Dr. Husam Arafeh, has faced some toughest times when he was young, before getting name and fame. Success wasn’t served on a platter to this extremely talented Dentist.

“Coming from a humble background life was never easy since childhood”, says Dr. Husam Arafeh. But from a very young age he was very passionate about being a Dentist and modeling. Getting clicked in different poses and wanting to help the people was his only love, so much so that he dedicated his life to it. He was especially interested in Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Surgery. “With no Godfathers to support, it was only me against all the odds” says Dr. Husam Arafeh. In the Medical Industry, to survive without any pre-existing support is really tough but as the saying goes – as the going gets tough the tough gets going. Entrepreneur Dr. Husam Arafeh never backed down on any obstacles whatsoever and has now made a huge name for himself and his Dentistry in Jordan.

Entrepreneur Dr. Husam Arafeh is counted as one of the best Dentists in Jordan. His surgeries and prescriptions are hailed as one of the most effective treatments for any teeth deformity.

To savour the pause Entrepreneur Dr. Husam Arafeh has always relied on modeling and traveling and with the advent of Social Media he was always viral for his photographs and Vacations. This was when he started his career as an Influencer and Model, collaborating with well-known companies and guests in various events throughout Jordan, at present he has more than 107k followers on instagram (@husam.araf) and has been loved by his followers tremendously.

“Do not be egoistic, that’s the factor which can become an obstacle in terms of improvement and learning new things. Sit and make a concrete plan of action and then go for it as if there is no recourse. This is how you achieve the unachievable dreams.” Says Entrepreneur Dr. Husam Arafeh.


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