Changing The Face Of Fashion Blogging  : Aisha Mahdi (Styleetvogue)

Changing The Face Of Fashion Blogging  : Aisha Mahdi (Styleetvogue)
Aisha Mahdi

Kolkata, West Bengal : Thanks to the changing times, the mindset of people and brands has also started to change. But with the change in mindset comes the need to better marketing strategies each and every single day. This is why it is of extreme importance that both brands and influencers bring their A game to meep in sync with the audience as well as the market.  Street fashion is without a doubt extremely cool, however, there is another side to fashion as well, the luxury side. Luxury influencing is definitely a new sector and is being explored as of now.

Styleetvogue the luxury fashion blog, Aisha Mahdi’s brilliance is a blog that explores this very side of fashion. Aisha, having studied in India and worked for a short while in the fashion industry as a Model, she decided to start her own blog to showcase her love for everything luxury and fashion. Choosing an entrepreneurial path, Aisha, believes that fashion is unique to every individual and helps everyone to express themselves in the best way possible. Aisha believes that being “fashionable”can come easily to anyone if they are truly expressing their inner self.

Creativity and passion come forth in every post or picture that Aisha Mahdi puts up. Everything from her blog and her Instagram feed are filled with amazing sights that has attracted a huge fan base. From her travel photos to her luxury fashion picture, everything looks brilliant. Aisha Mahdi has collaborated with  many popular brands, from luxury jewelry, wellness, swimwear to skincare, make up, accessories and the like. Aisha Mahdi is amazing at adding her unique touch to each and every collaboration, bringing forth her creativity wonderfully. Her take on luxury, fashion, beauty and travel is something you shouldn’t miss.

Instagram of Aisha Mahdi – Styleetvogue


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